Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend fun!

Well once again I am stuck at my weight. I cannot seem to lose like I was. Which is understandable, nearing the end of this journey...but it is frustrating because I am so close, yet the scale will not budge! My scale is a Biotch! It just pisses me off because now I probably will have to change my goal date to my birthday, which is January 31st. Instead of Christmas. ::sigh::

Granted, I probably didn't help the situation....Friday I did not go to the gym because I had my Job's Holiday party....I had some drinks and LOTS of this delicious dip my mom made...So no telling what the scale says.

Other news, here are some pictures from the party!
It was fun! After some liquid courage, they even managed to get me on the dance floor!

And saturday me and the hubby drove by a really pretty decorated park and stumbled upon a christmas event...there was vendors and food and a choir and band....not to mention the weather was beautiful! Only in Texas is it 79 degrees in December!

And So I thought that I would go ahead and do a more updated before and after photo...even though I'm not quite finished yet! But still! I need reasuraance right about now! have a good night!

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