Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Today I decided to measure myself.    Now  I wish I had measured myself at the beggining of this weight loss journey   (Lets just say I did,   But I cannot locate it....shhh) It would be neat to see the change.   However I still have 37lbs  to go,  So I will keep track of my measurements from this point on.  I usually just measure and right little side notes as to how to measure the same spot next time.....This usually goes a little something like this...
* In between the freckles
* Under that fat roll
* Right above belly button

And so forth.  So I was really happy when I found this chart to help you measure. Where should I Measure?

Ok, so.....its amazing the tricks your mind can play on you while your in front of a mirror in your bra and panties getting you measurement on!   All I see is rolls and fat and its frustrating losing almost 50 lbs and STILL being so big.  Why didnt I ever see it before?   Or maybe I choose to ignore it.   But I must say, this measuring experiment today really lit a fire under my booty.....I need to step it up.....even more.  So I will be posting my measurements maybe every 2 weeks or so.....yay.

Ok, before I move on.....^ So is it normal for my thigh to be half the size of my waist basically?!  thats one thing I'm having a hard time with....My waist will fit in size 14 now, and so will my thighs,  but its a little snug because of my thighs.  Sucks.

So once every now and then i want to do something I call   "Currently"

LISTENING- To Pandora Radio ( 90's pop radio....hellz yeah!  This was my childhood days haha  song is Quit playing games with my heart by the Backstreet Boys.....If you were an N'sync lover,  step off!! haha
EATING- Nothing because it is past 8pm.....::sniff sniff::
DRINKING- Purple Acai and blueberry Green tea!
WEARING- My workout clothes because I'm going for a quick jog after this.
FEELING- I'm feeling like I wish it was Friday already.......
WEATHER- Hot as Fire Balls.....its 8pm and it says Heat advisory and the temp is 102 !!
WANTING- Something sweet....Sigh.
NEEDING- A good nights rest....cant think the last time Ive gotten 8 hours of sleep! ugh!
THINKING- About this question. Tee hee hee
ENJOYING- Listening to music I loved when I was a kid. Brings back memories.  Although, It took forever to get this post done,   in between my singing along. haha

Well I hope Everyone Had a good Tuesday and until tomorrow!!!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pinterest Monday!!

Let me start off by saying Monday offically kicked my butt!!  That's ok, one day I will get mine!  Today I went on a "Craft" binge haha  Thanks to  CraftGawker.com.   Which is exactly what I did for hours.....Gawk.    haha   I made 3 things from there already.....wanna see?

1. This is a awesome/weird earring you make out of a straight pin and some beads.....Kinda funky.

2. I took a permanent marker to a coffe mug and VIOLA!  It says  "Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.  -Dr.Seuss"

3. Book Marks!!  The one with writting says " Reading gives you a place to go when you have to stay where you are"

4. This is the book mark in action. You use the corner of a envelope and some scrapbook paper. Ah-dorbs! 

I think I just made up a word.....Ah-dorbs......(adorable)  Kinda dorky.   Sorry you had to witness that.   moving on to..

                                      Pinterest Monday!

1.  This is a good Idear...making smoothie packs on sunday, so the week is that much easier! Heres How.....

2.  ummm.... So this is pretty much awesome. I Love peanut butter, But HATE the texture and how hard it is to add to stuff. Well Meet my friend,  powdered peanut butter.....Pick your jaw up off the floor!!! How easy would this be to sprinkle on cereal or shakes without having a mess!

Go here and you can type in your location to find stores near you that sell it..Want some?!

3. This bracelet apparantly syncs to your iphone or android. It keeps track of your movements, sleep pattern, calories burned, and even vibrates if you have been sitting still for too long! A perfect way to keep track of your healthy lifestyle!This is awesome...its called the Jawbone Up

4.  So truth be told....I dont really like yogurt too much  (mainly the texture)  So ive been trying to find ways to eat it....This is neat...you freeze them and they turn into cold melt in your mouth little dots.  Yum...

5. So this is so cute for anyone who has a little one....You tape a word on a canvas, let them paint all over it, then you  remove the tape when the canvas is covered.   I'm gonna do this with my nephew!

6. Umm..ok....This is genius!  Planter basket as a fruit holder. 

Well I believe that's enough fun for one day.....Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!!!Pin It Now!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just a little something....

And I do mean little something,   this will be a short one..... so today I was pretty lazy,  like no lie.  And although I didn't make it to the gym  ( still healing from the soreness)  I did stick to my diet.  And started back on my vitamins and green tea. All is back to normal.  Tomorrow I will go back to the gym....taking it easy,  but going!   Tonight my extreme makeover weight loss edition comes on,  I love watching that show,  always motivates me!

So in the words of my 9 year old niece.....  "Oh  M Gee"    I found a new website.....Not as awesome as Pinterest, put pretty darn close.   You ready?    Beware....Its addicting    Ok so you probably clicked on that link and now your thumbing through and forgot about my blog.....hmmm....well that's my fault.  haha   But seriously, check it out!!

Well,  told you this one would be short.....Don't forget, tomorrow is Pinterest Monday! And I've got some kewl stuff !!!

Before I go, I found this and Love it,  Its something I need to start doing!         

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend Top Twelve....Early

Hello yall  (Don't forget,   Im from Texas)  haha....  So anyway,  I was wondering....Im going to ponder something,  maybe yall can help me understand.   Why in the world,  Do people post desserts and pizza and fattening foods and cakes and pancakes drenched in syrup on the "Fitness & Health" section of pinterest.  Now that is just cruel.   Haha.  Just so not cool.....  Im just saying,  I think maybe we could be a little more considerate of the fluffy girl at heart (Me) Who is sitting on the couch looking for healthy recipes and inspiration and not tempt her with what made her get this way and in turn  have to go through all this to lose it.    Whew......sorry you had to witness this venting.   Thank you for listening. haha

Well Today I had my back operation and im feelin cruddy.  As a matter of fact....ima keep this short from here on out, because this sitting up business is no bueno.  Since I will probably be a useless log this weekend, I wont have anythign fun or cool  to post on my weekend Top Twelve on sunday, So i mine as well do it now. Seeing as I had a lot of excitement today haha

1.My T-shirt quilt is finished!! Thanks mimi!!! And it was ready for me to cover with when I got back from my procedure.    Dont know what im talking about?   ===> What is this T shirt quilt!?
2. Me getting ready to go in. lol.  A facebook friend from highschool saw this pic and said "I didnt know you were pregnant? " hahaha  wow  Im trying to talk myself into the fact its becuse when the picture is little it looks like im holding something, but its the blankets. And not the fact that I look pregnant. :(
3. My Iv HURT  she stuck me twice,  but Got compliments on my nails.
4. My lunch lady look. As my neice said...."your sexy and you know it"  haha
5. My mom snapped this when i came back in recovery...I guess I was high on them drugs. lol
6. Um so Today was long and blah so i gave in and was treated :D  This is Almond Joy Pie...home made...taste just like the candy bar!!  Ah- ma- ZING
7. I had time to do my moms nails.  They turned out cute.
8. My mom and mimi in the kitchen cooking for me while I was resting....how sweet.
9. Along with pie, they made home made pizza. The left is a garlic basil sauce with sausage...tasted like lasagna on a piece of garlic toast....::drool::  and the other one is an alfredo sauce with shredded baked chicken!
10. Ok so this is hilarious. We waited 3 hours after arrival till i went to surgery....my mom went to the bathrrom and "picked up" 3 pregnancy tests. haha She said when im ready I will have them! And she cliamed she took one for every hour we waited. hahaha. Also....Pressure much? :P
11. I love these socks I wore home from there....heehee hospital socks rock. Warm, and I wont slip...lol
12. Well looks like my babies didnt miss me, they were to busy kissing. haha

Well I said short,   but this post is long....I dont know if I will weigh or not tomorrow seeing as today I had pizza and pie and wasnt able to excercise......I dont want to discourage myself. So ill weigh on sunday or monday maybe. I will keep you informed.  Ill use today as my SPLURGE day. And I have to heal all weekend so I dont think ill be able to go to the gym!! Ugh......Well Ill write a little somethign tomorrow....until then.

OH....IM obsessed with this darn quilt. I LOVE it....so ima post a bigger picture here so you can observe. heehee
OMG, dont look at my face...no makeup.....HOT MESS. haha

So soft and warm.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flash Back.....

Well today is friday for me,   I dont have to go to work tomorrow,   instead I have to have a back procedure done.   ::snff sniff::  Kind of glad thats finally tomorrow, ready to be pain free.... Then I can rock out the excercising even more than I already do.

Today was busy! I almost forgot to eat haha   Im going to attempt to at least one day a week  (maybe eventually ill designate a specific day)  of showing exactly what I ate all day.  Maybe that will give people some ideas,  or something that may not of thought of in terms of snacks and stuff.......I'll start that next week.

Breakfast today was yummy.....so ill brag and show yall...

Oh man This was yummy! I had some oatmeal and fresh bluberries  and some cherries!!  What a good start to my day.  For some odd reason, I find it easier to do good the whole day when i start out with a totally awesome and healthy breakfast.....That just me?  haha

Today was my step up class at the gym...It was good....We did double step!!!  Whew.  And now im going to rest up and get to bed soon for my date with Dr. Rodriguez. haha

Before I go...  I wanted to do something fun.  Share with yall some old pics

**Flash Back**
Me And hubby at Prom 8 years ago!

Me at freedom fest (High school, I was alot thinner then)

 And....almost forgot,  im a nail  addict so I've already changed them....
This pic is blurry....sorry

Well tomorrow I will post pics of my morning of fun, haha  and my T-shirt quilt!! yay. Until tomorrow!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Ok so let me vent a little first....I was discussing something with a co worker at work. All these ladies spending money on diet pills and doing crazy hypnosis and acupuncture and Tape worm diet (Ew....seriously)  Whatever happened to eating right and working out?  Ok so I know its easier said then done, but why would you want to harm your body by doing all these crazy things to it?  I don't think Ill ever understand.  And I dont know about you, but id rather be over weight than put a crazy long worm in my body to eat all my nutrients.

Now that that's of my chest, haha...  Ok so as promised,    some good work out routines that i do when I'm home, or when I'm unable to make it to the gym. Most of them I got off of pinterest.

* At home circuit workout   - This kicks my butt,    but that's why I like it.
* Abs!  - Ok so I admit, it took me forEVER to actually finish this all the way through!  haha
* Workout in the pool - I love water workouts. If you go swimming with whoever, do a quick few excercises, then enjoy yourself!
* Thighs  - This is one thing i hate the most, and cant wait till they shrink!!!
* Fun! and all you need is a wall. - Belly, Butt and Thighs!

Well These are just a few. Check them out. Some of them I do while I'm watching t.v.

OH,  I must tell you before I go,   my grandma finished my T-shirt quilt....If you don't know what I'm referring to, see...    T-Shirt Quilt .   I will post pics on Friday!! Yay.  until tomorrow..

P.s. Sorry this was a short and boring post...I'm super tired. Ill make up for it tomorrow! Promise.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekly Pics & polka dot nails....

Well Let me start off with my weekly picture(s)

Me being Normal                        Me being A Goof!

I look weird. haha. But skinny!!!

Well Today Was pretty Good, I got this nifty water bottle from work. It has this compartment you put fruit or whatever in and then it infuses your water with that taste! So kewl. I'm doing Lemon and Lime water now....

Not much else happened today,   OH except me doing my nails as promised! Wanna see?!?!

Well Hope yall like them!   Tomorrow I'm going to post my top 5 favorite at home exercises. Ones I live by!!! Well until then.....Pin It Now!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinterest Monday....Top Six

I'm going to start something that will help my Mondays not be so BLAH! It is PINTEREST MONDAY..... Real original right? haha.   I love pinterest hunting.  And so every Monday I will post my top 6 pinterest finds. Today I will start........Ready.   Set.   Go.

1. These shirts and tanks are neat. The message only shows up when you sweat! Good motivation. ViewSport

                      2. Headbands out of old T-shirts! Great to make with those big shirts you outgrew and be able to wear them at the gym....Take that fat shirt! How to make

3. Homemade Cinnamon Apple Chips. Um, Yum.  Recipe

4. Brazilian Butt Elliptical Workout.....need I say more? 

5. This is my Next project. Will Post Tomorrow or Wednesday!

6. haha  This his hilarious. It is a censor towel.  lol.  Sorry, just thought this was brilliant and cute!   

Well Hope you all enjoyed my pins! I'm glad Monday is over and tomorrow I hope to post my polka dot fingernail project and my new weekly photo. Until tomorrow!!

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Top Twelve, Weigh Day......

                     Weekend Top Twelve

1. Me & Rhiannon (neice) at Katy Perry 3D. It was good.
2. My attempt at a pinterest nail idea. :D
3. My neice and nephew together....Love being an aunt!!
4. We put her american doll's glasses on Sir Felix....smart kitty!
5. Yep. Those are size 14. yay!! (was size 18 and those were snug)
6. Started a New Jodi Picoult book, Its about a school shooting, serious stuff, but good so far.
7. Hello Kitty at the gift shop where i work.....!!!
8. I was excited these were on sale. I love cherries. Yum.
9. My neice scrapbooking, Im a proud aunt!
10. Started back on my hexagon quilt...finally.
11. OMG! I'm doing this....its a 5k and each mark you get blasted with color, so fun...check it out for your city! Color Run
12. We splurged for Brahms. Yum. She took mine over. lol

Ok so let me catch you up. Saturday was weigh day, I swear i wasn't stalling, although it understandable since I lost....... GAINED 1 Pound.  Ugh.   Really???    Yea so Not only did i not mess up once, but i kicked butt at the gym.   So i don't know where that came from.   I guess I got spoiled to losing. Every week since i started I have lost 3, 4 or at the very least, 2lbs.  But, everyone has bad weeks.   Me included,   I am not and exception.  So I'm gong to just put it beind me and keep going.   Maybe it was muscle gain,  water weight, or just my body. Lol   whatever it may be,   im not going to let it discourage me.....so here it is...

Sigh. So. My weekend was awesome. Me mom and Rhiannon (niece) and grandma went to chilis....My splurge meal....Chicken, bacon ranch quesadillas with a side of french fries and ranch dipping sauce!  Then Braums.....yea i know,  that was just a little much.  Then me mom and Rhiannon dropped of grandma and went to Katy Perry 3D.  And then Rhiannon came to stay the night with me and baby Michael came to visit!  Well before i go, pics from the weekend....until tomorrow!

Me and Rhi Rhi

Rhiannon and Her American Doll

Katy Perry 3D

My two favorite people


Rhiannon hurt her leg jumping on the bed. Tsk. Tsk,


Watching his favorite music video...

Rhiannon Scrapbooking

Oh yeah! These are 16!! Time to go to 14.

Wow, goofy girl!

Mom and Rhiannon at the movies

caught off guard
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Tiddles and Vittles

Did I ever tell you how much i Love Friday.   Well  I do. Today my husband brought me lunch....
Cobb Salad and FOODLES!!!   

 My bucket List Is still under construction....  sorry for the false hopes!  But I needed to add more to it. Trust me, itll be worth it.  lol  

So today pretty much sucked, but I'm glad its over and the weekend is beginning. Today I ate Cracker Barrell with my grandma.....

Grilled Chicken Strips
Green Beans
Side Salad w/ranch

Yummmm-o.   And then i had to clean like a mad women because my 9 year old niece is coming to stay with me this weekend.....pictures to follow! We are going to go eat, go see Katy perry movie and hang out. She has big plans for me....lol   Dress up, American doll, arts and crafts. yay!  Then my baby nephew also will be over. Its my Aunty week!

Pssst...guess what.....Tomorrow is WEIGH DAY. so until then!!!Pin It Now!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Top Ten Things....

Well let me start off with my photo of the week....
Me being normal                       Me Being Stupid
As promised, I have a list of  things that helped me get to this point...in no certain order.

1.  Support--- ive let everyone in my life aware of my weight loss goal so that i we ill be on my best behavior.
2. Lose it!.com---This helped me log my calories and my exercise and really helped me hold myself accountable and aware and less likely to eat something i shouldn't
3. The Gym---of course. The machines, and classes, and pool....i just don't think i could exercise at home, me personally i don't have the will power.
4. Pictures---Looking at old pictures when i was thin motivates me and looking at pictures of my real big motivates me too!!
5.Vitamins---I take coconut oil, fish oil pills(i don't eat fish) vitamins and a multi vitamin called "Hair, skin, and nails"  since I've been taking these, i feel so good and healthy.
6. SkinnyTaste.com blog--- Omg having recipes that i crave but that i can actually eat has been a blessing and helped me not go totally crazy bananas.
7. Journal/Blog----The first half i wrote in a journal, now I'm blogging. Either way, it is also a good way to hold yourself accountable. good example: I was having bad cravings but what stopped me was the fact that i would have to come home and blog about how bad i did, its either that or lie. And I'm not a liar, so I decided to fight the urge and do good!! yay
8. My husband---His compliments and encouragement has been AH MA ZING
9. Food Lovers Diet---I don't do it, but my mom does and I took one piece of information from it and use it. I eat every 2 hours. so 5 to 6 small meals. each snack is 200 calories or less plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner of course. 
10.Biggest Loser---so believe or not, watching weight loss shows really keeps me motivated! Cant wait till biggest loser comes back on!

These are just a few. But all have really helped me through this, besides the point that I was finally ready. Well tomorrow is Friday and I must say I'm excited about that. Tomorrow I will do something kind of fun i think, I'm going to post a my bucket list......And honestly although most all of it i CAN do, i just didn't have the confidence and desire to,,,but now....move over list, your about to get checked!!!   until tomorrow.Pin It Now!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Light The Night walk for Leukemia & Lymphoma

I will start this post with a amazingly awesome qoute i found today.....

"The reason people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they have gotten"

Wow.   Makes you ponder.   Huh?

 Also, I'm raising money for a very important cause, through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light The Night Walk:  finding better treatments and cures for blood cancers so patients can live better, longer lives. I'm asking you to help by making a tax-deductible contribution!  Please use the link below to donate online quickly & securely.  You will receive an email confirmation of your donation as soon as it is made. I thank you in advance for your support which will make a difference in the lives of thousands of patients battling blood cancers.
My grandpa died of Leukemia when I was younger, and this will be my second year participating in the Light the night walk in Dallas Texas. I walk in memory of him.I would appriciate any donation to help me reach my personal goal and to help LLS meet their goal of 1 Million this year!! Thank you!


                                                            TIP TIME!!! 

Ok so lately i have been finding it harder and harder to get my fruit in my day. Mainly I dont cut fruit up until i eat it,   and at work,  its kind of a pain to go and slice an apple or peach in the breakroom with plastic knife (because lets be honest, i never remember to bring my own, and lets not get caught caring a knife in a hospital)  And if i cut it up the day before when im making my lunch, the fruit is all brown and yuk. 

Here it is.... Lemon juice.   So if you already know this, shame on you for not telling me!!!   I chop up a peach, a pear and an apple and put it in a big container and squeeze a half a lemon on top and shake it up.   Man no only does it last ALL day, but the lemon gives it a little extra.  That same tub, i eat a little for breakfast with my oatmeal, and lunch, then finish it off for diner. Ah-Ma-ZING.

Does anyone else have tips for getting your fruit or veggies in daily!?

Tomorrow I will Post a list of all the things that helped me get to my half way point!! Until tomorrow..Pin It Now!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Skinny Taste dot com......

Let me start off by saying..........It is days like these that dieting pisses me off!!!! haha     We had chiloso  catered at work....Guacamole, queso, beef and chicken for fajitas, tortilla chips, re fried beans, rice......ugh!!!        I went ahead and had some of the grilled chicken by itself with a little bit of rice and ate my fruit salad i brought.   It was heartbreaking.  But im sure glad I didnt indulge.  I have a goal to meet people!!!!!

So then i proceeded to head out early to go to a spine specialist.( My second opinion)...I have had bilateral facet injection, a rhizotomy (severed the nerves) and still have back pain, so this new doctor wants to do an epidural injection directly onto a disk protrusion i have that is almost touching my nerve. So that is on Friday the 27th.    Im so exited to hopefully be pain free soon!!!

Then The Gym was OK, Worked out my biceps, did some elliptical, and running on the treadmill, then finished it off with a trip to the sauna. Not my best work, but lately with my back, I just do what i can.

And when I came home to shower,  i couldn't help but notice something in the mirror.......Which brings me to my next question............Is anyone else worried about once you get to that goal,   what about the stretch marks or saggy skin?!     OK,  i dont mean to be a negative nancy,    just trying to be realistic.  I put a lot of stress on my body and im so afraid im going to get to my goal weight and be dissapointed in myself still....
I guess I shouldnt worry about it yet,   cross that bridge when I come to it.

Well before I go, I wanted to share something.......I want to share a blog ive  lived by during this diet process......it is called   skinnyTaste.com

Hash brown egg white nest from SkinnyTaste.com
And this is my next project!!! Here is the link to this recipe and while you are there, browse around.....they have all sorts of good recipes and each one has the nutritional value along with picture tutorial on how to cook it.                       >>>>> Skinny Taste <<<<<<Pin It Now!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Blues....

Ok So Today I for sure had the Monday BLUES.. But its over and done with!! whew! Im going to be brutally honest...not much went on today. lol. Work....blah.......gym.....wasnt feelin it.....and came home and cooked dinner. haha
So This may look like a hot mess. haha But i promise it is delicious! So it is black beans, sweet corn piled into whole grain taco shells and some butter lettuce topped with the spilling of the tacos. haha. Yum. And less than 400 calories. With a nice glass of iced lemon water. yum. That was about the best part of my day. haha. sad huh?!

I also wanted to post something fun I found on pinterest that i like to do sometimes...

Ok,  so at first i thought this was silly.    But It is actually kind of fun and you feel like your not just sitting and being a couch potato.   Well unfortunately that's all i have for today......until tomorrow.Pin It Now!