Friday, May 10, 2013

Im finish what I started!

Well, I do believe that I am  officially back to blogging. I have missed it. And I really NEED this for my last little stretch of this journey.

I am currently at 172lbs (I gained 3 lbs from last week, but I will blame my cycle.)

So I am officially 7 lbs from my initial goal weight AND 17 lbs from my overall goal. I want to get to 155. To give myself some wiggle room. If I can get there, that will almost be a 100lb loss. That's Insane!

I do know that these last few pounds will be a BIOTCH!!!

I have struggled lately, I wont sugar coat it. For all you who are losing weight, or are in my position and have less than 20lbs to go. This IS harder then starting the diet/excercise process. I think to a degree I got comfortable in how well I did, and even though I have more to lose, I started slacking off. These things DO NOT help me get to my goal.

1. Doing good all week and blowing it on the weekend
2. Skipping the gym

Bottom line, I was due at my goal weight by christmas! And then it was my birhday! And then it was summer.....Well summer is almost here! I wont lose 17lbs by summer, but I can be well on my way.

One thing i regret was not doing enough toning up. Despite the fact that my husband (who is major buff and a workout guru/gym rat) gave me work outs to do. I never really took them seriously. Sure, I did them, but not like I should. Some days my anxiety got the best of me and I did cardio instead. And yes I lost the weight, but in return, im not toned at all....

Im taking the week off because I had one more back procedure. And then next week Im getting serious again.

I had another Epiphany while seeing an old photo, and I'm ready to get this journey over with! Wipe my hands of it.

My mimi Made me this bag!

It is truly amazing how your brain tricks you into thinking you dont look much different then when you started...well its my brain and a little bit of the mirror too...bastards! lol.

But I do think the the proof is in this picture. Ive come a long way and I'm proud of myself.

So this blog helped me in the second half of my journey, and in order to get through this last leg, I am going to keep up with it. It was good for me. Even if no one reads it, its for me.

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