Monday, October 29, 2012

My awesome weekend....

My weekend was so much fun!!

FRIDAY-Screams Haunted Theme park with the girls from the office and our family/friends

 Top Left is me and one of the actors at SCREAMS....he was kind of feisty!
 Top right is one of the scenes I snapped a Picture of
 Bottom left is this funny "creature" he was walking on stilts and stalking
 Bottom right all us girls from work and our family! Im on the very right trying to be seen. haha

It was soo much fun. We went into all 5 haunted attractions and I did better than I thought!

SATURDAY- Date Night with the hubby and pumpkin carving.

Top Left is me carving my pumpkin
Top middle is both our pumpkins lit up together 
Top right is Eric carving his cute!
Middle is us together
Bottom left is my pumpkin, Its a face made out of Bats. No template either! Drew it on paper and stenciled it
Bottom Middle I used the pumpkin seeds a made some Toasted Garlic seeds  [Here's How]
Bottom Right is Eric's Pumpkin, he also did not use a precious.

SUNDAY- Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk 2012

 Mom and I went to the annual Light the Night Walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Down Town Dallas. It was great. We walk in memory of my Paw Paw Tom burchett who passed away 20 years ago of Leukemia. We ate and did the festivities and became Donors for Bone Marrow! And Then lit our balloons and walked!!

Here is Last years walk compared to this years walk!

It was a busy weekend which meant it flew by.

I also did not weigh on Saturday because on the way home from the SCREAMS on Friday night, we stopped off at I HOP. So I was afraid to weigh. :P But Sunday's walk made up for it and I am back on track! I think I may start weighing in on Wednesday along with my MLFC team. So that I'm not weighing twice a week. So stay tuned for that.

I am also going to do something fun tomorrow. So until then!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A day in the life of....ME

Well today I thought I'd try to share something new.....A day in the life of me. yay right? Don't get to excited.

So, every day is different obviously, but this was today..

6:20 am keep in mind im due at work at 7!!
    [from left to right]
 - This is me when I first wake up, scary huh? Im NOT a morning person.
-  Then I weigh because today was weigh day for my MLFC Jolly Jigglers Team. Down 2 lbs!!
-  Me with a tad bit of makeup and my hair thrown back (wasnt feeling it today)

6:45am yup, took me 25 min to get ready...again, I wasnt feeling it today. lol
 - I watch the news while gatherin my things and getting my shoes on...only in texas do you see WARM on the end of october.
- Me driving to work....its still dark!!! Wanna be in bed!
- This is where I work.I arrived at 6:58 (I work like 2 min from my house!!)
-  And this is my plaza. I work for a hand specialist/ortho surgeon

- This is my desk area.
-My breakfast at 8am was a vanilla protein shake and a banana
-And my 10 am snack....delicious
- The husband brought me by a treat, a pickle! My favorite.

- I cant get the hang of photographing what I eat, so I already ate it all! haha My lunch was potatoe cheese soup and a Tuscan chicken on wheat from subway.
- And my 2pm snack..
finishing up work and I got so busy I didnt remember to eat my 4pm snack, so I had a sweet and salty almond yogurt bar and an apple while driving.


 - After work at 4, I headed to turn in our money we raised for the Light the Night walk coming up this sunday and recieved our champion for cure bracelets and our shirts! I got a size medium this year as opposed to my XL last year. I will put up pics from the walk sunday!
-  Then, it was so pretty outside, So i skipped the gym and went running instead. I got dirstracted by the flower. lol
-Dinner time. I made fresh green beans and corn and pasta ravioli with light pasta sauce (looks like canned ravioli, but its not.)All under 450 calories.


 - Painted my nails while watching Twilight...yea I know...nothing else on T.v.
  - Did my Day 24 Jillian Michaels Work out
  - And got in some reading and had my green tea. 

Now I will shower and wait anxiously for the hubby to come home from work!

So there ya go, My life is pretty blah. haha

This weekend is going to be busy! I cant wait!! Friday night I'm going to screams (a haunted theme park) with my sister in law and the girls from work and then saturday is me and Hubbies date night (altho it will be indoors doing nothing, but those are my favorite) And sunday Im going to my grandmas and then to my LLS light the night walk with my mom! Pictures will be coming for all that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and friday!!!


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Well October Is breast cancer awareness month. I do not know any one personally who has or had breast cancer, however I am a women and I do believe all women should band together to help fight this!! So I thought  I would do a..."PINK POST"

So Along with going to and donating and finding out other ways to help out, Im trying to sport more pink than usual.

So you may wonder....why the color pink? Well this is what I found out (Thanks Wiki)


The color pink is considered feminine in modern Western countries. It evokes traditional feminine gender roles, caring for other people, being beautiful, being good, and being cooperative.
The pink ribbon represents fear of breast cancer, hope for the future, and the charitable goodness of people and businesses who publicly support the breast cancer movement.It is intended to evoke solidarity with women who currently have breast cancer.
Breast cancer organizations use the pink ribbon to associate themselves with breast cancer, to promote breast cancer awareness, and to support fundraising. Some breast cancer-related organizations, such as Pink Ribbon International,use the pink ribbon as their primary symbol. Susan G. Komen for the cure uses a stylized "running ribbon" as their logo.
While specifically representing breast cancer awareness, the pink ribbon is also a symbol and a proxy of goodwill towards women in general. Buying, wearing, displaying, or sponsoring pink ribbons signals that the person or business cares about women. The pink ribbon is a marketing brand for businesses that allows them to promote themselves with women and identify themselves as being socially aware.

Well Hellz Bellz...Lets rock the color pink the rest of this month!!! Here are some pink things I found on pinterest that I love!

 [from left to right]

1. LOVE this room.....
2. This pink makeup is beautiful!
3. Ok, so when I get to my goal weight, I will try to find some undies like these!!
4. So if I wore heels, this would be my first mad im 5'11"
5. Love this Audrey Hepburn qoute
6. Not sure where this is....but this is on my places to go list. Gorgeous. amazing the things GOD has created
7.  HOLY COW....this is beautiful.
8. Pretty...I believe I will try this soon. I have both colors.
9. If I had long blonde hair, you best believe Id have pink hair by now.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this pink themed post. I want to just say to anyone who is effected by breast cancer or knows someone who is....

ompared to other women's issues, promoting breast cancer awareness is politically safe.[13]Pin It Now!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weigh day...late.

Well, a little late, but my weight this past saturday was.....drum roll please....

Woo im hoping for 179 soon.

Well today was a typical Monday. (boo) My diet was great, didnt have too many cravings today! lol and I walked to subway for dinner. I tried the new tuscan chicken on wheat. Not too shabby.

The gym was good as well...worked out my chest and did some cardio.

Sorry this post is boring! I have a bit of a cold and im just barely hanging on lol. Tomorrow's post will rock your socks off...promise!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!!

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Liebster Award...Yea Buddy!

Well Oh my Geez.....something sorta freakin awesome happened today....I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. I will be honest, never heard of this before today, but its pretty amazing.
 So, It is an award that blogger's give out to other blogger's who have less than 200 followers, but definitely deserve more. yay! Thank you to Christina over at for nominating me. Air five!

The rules go a little something like this!
-If you were nominated, post 11 things about yourselves
-Then answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked you
-create 11 more questions to ask the bloggers You decided to nominate
-choose 11 bloggers to nominate with less than 200 followers
-And make sure and let these people know you nominated them! No tag backs, so dont nominate someone who nominated you.


11 Things about myself.

1. Im married to my high school sweetheart for 6 years now
2. I have a facination for Marilyn Monroe
3. I love pickles!
4.  Im a crafting FREAK...I scrapbook, crochet, draw, pinterest, make jewelry and up cycle
5. I Love to sing, I may not be the best, but it feels good belting it out
6. I have a beagle named noala And a cat named felix
7. I live in Texas And unfortunalty have never been outside of Texas....tsk tsk
8. I love God more than anything. Nothing I have or do is possible without him.
9. I Love the crud out of 80's movies
10. was a huge backstreet boy fan when I was a little
11. My favorite holiday is Halloween....!!

The 11 questions I was asked by Christina!

1.        Where were you born? Texas. YEE HAW
2.       What do you love most about yourself? My face...I think I have a pretty one.
3.       Who is your favorite music artist? Rascal Flatts
4.       Do you have a talent that you love but aren’t good at? Singing (Altho my husbands begs to differ, he thinks I have a gift....but im too scared to sing in front of anyone, he only knows from when I sing in the shower)
5.       What’s your favorite movie? I cant possibly narrow this down. Anything Nicholas sparks...and Magic Mike..hahaha
6.       Are you superstitious?Not at all.
7.       Do you have a weird phobia? Um no, just terrified of spiders, that's not weird though.
8.       How would your BFF describe your personality? Crazy/weird (in a good way)
9.       What’s your signature dish? I dont have one....sad I know...
10.   What’s your most embarrassing moment as a teenager and adult? Teen- Probably being rejected by the guy I liked...his loss! And adult- Driving and these guys in a car next to me were trying to Holler at me, I ignored them and drove off thinking "man, I must be looking cute, but dang! them guys were perves" needless to say, my gas tank was open. can you say..conceded. haha
11.   Who is your celebrity crush both male and female: Male is Ryan Gossling and female is Kat Von D

11 questions for my Nominees
1. Do you have any children?
2. If you have 3 wishes, what would the be?
3. If you could take any ONE item to a deserted Island what would it be?
4. Favorite T.v. show?
5. Last book you read?
6. Last movie you saw in the theatre?
7. Favorite band/singer?
8. If you could vacation anyweher, where would you go?
9. Do you like Pina Coladas? Or getting caught in the rain? :P
10. favorite store to shop at?
11. What is something your scared of?

My nominnes are..
Ok, so obviously if you don't feel like participating, you don't. But it is a great way to meet new people and get yourself out there! Lets support each other! And to the girls I nominated, you all rock so hard!!  I love all yalls blogs so much.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today was for sure better in the Diet and Exercise Department. I'm back on track!

I joined a Team for a challenge through facebook's Fit Camp and our team is called "Jolly Jigglers" and our goal is to not jiggle so much. Lol. I think this is a great way to keep me on track and to help me lose this last 18lbs!

We weigh in every Wednesday, I have to e-mail a picture of the scale to our team captain. So That helps me not screw up through out the week for a few reasons...
1. Don't want to be the only one not losing
2. Don't want to let my team down. we want prizes!
3. With a team, I will hold myself accountable and want to do good for them!


So anyway....Before I go, here are some random pics. I havent been posting as much because my computer is going hay wire. It took like 1 hour to write this post!! So bare with me until I get it fixed!

 My husbands Halloween themed birthday cake I baked him

It is jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas

(I left one of the spiders on the table and that came back to haunt me)
 My sweet nephew Reading to me...

....didnt understand most of it. hee hee
 My cleaning attire.....

 My grandma sent this to me. And I already started it

I just couldnt wait!!
Me and the baby talking.

Well that's that! Everyone have a happy thursday!!! God bless!Pin It Now!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Time....

Well I’ve sort of been putting this post off! Not the actual post but what I’m going to say.
I’ve been sorta lacking lately. Lacking AND slacking.
I know I know…..Bad Jessica.
I weighed this morning because my bad decisions and lack of decisions had me feeling guilty/curious.
I'm happy to say I haven’t gained …..but sad to say, I haven’t lost either.
I don’t know what it is lately. No excuses, Its my fault all the way, but let me explain (I'll feel better)(lol) I don’t know why but after work, all I want to do is go home and just eat! And that’s what I've been doing . Granted Ive been eating food at the house and its not technically bad food (because we don’t keep junk in the house) its only my diet food….but In excess, diet food can be bad. Example: one serving of whole grain gold fish is 130 or so calories…..but half of the bag…is not. Another example: ¾ cup of special K is like 120 calories plus the milk of course…..but a whole bowl without measureing…and another right not.. you get the point? Lol
I'm guessing the reason I haven’t gained is because On the days I haven’t made it to the gym (yes…days.) I don’t like that word plural in this sentence. I did actually talk myself into doing my Jillian workout before bed….. And I guess that’s what keep me right at the same weight
Anyway, I'm not real sure what it is, I have had no energy! Then I had some neck issues, and knee issues ( I swear up and down my bones were not made for my body) lol. On top of everything, I have just been feeling sluggish and BLAH. Then I started my cycle….blah blah blah.
I know it’s not an excuse, but hey, its my life right now. But then, at the perfect time, I read a blog from a fellow blogger. And it really snapped me outta this! Almost like a slap in the face. A much needed one. Lol.
Like I mentioned before, Ive been doing this for 7 months now and lost 66 pounds and several inches and have really turned my life around and I'm so proud of myself. However, I'm coming up on my last 20 pounds to reach my goal. You don’t understand, I have had this goal for years and I never even made it to 10 lbs lost much less 66. And to have done all that and be so close, is so surreal. Sometimes I think I'm dreaming. I never thought I had it in me, I feel bad saying that, but its true. So the last 20 lbs is hard because I'm getting tired, burnt out, bored.  
Its weird, you'd think by now Id be so used to it and it would be a breeze....but its the opposite.  My body is rebelling!
Anyway....This post is genius. LosingIt! Blog Post ..Read first or else you will not know what the heck I'm about to say
So I for sure am married to my diet, Ive worked harder than I ever have, which is why I finally beat my 10lb curse. However, lately, I have been straying a little bit. I don't want to be unfaithful I want to bee 100% committed! I need to focus! Its nice to know I'm human and I will make mistakes and I wont be perfect all day of every day, but I can try my hardest to be pretty close to it. It true, losing weight and becoming healthier IS a commitment. You have to want it. And if you commit to love someone for the rest of your life and make them happy and be there for them and give them all of you, why cant you do the same for yourself.
love yourself.
make yourself proud.
make yourself happy
be the best version of you.
treat your body like a temple as GOD intended.
Cherish yourself.
Its not about being selfish, its about loving yourself. Because how can you love someone else, if you don't love yourself?
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My scale is a Huzzy

I will start off by saying my scale is a straight up Huzzy....

 So you see?! My scale tricked me! Well not really, I'm not completely crazy! I know I haven't made it to my goal weight over night. haha. But Its soooo weird seeing the weight I dream of, but knowing it is not yet real. ugh!! lol Just thought I'd show yall, and that scale is in the trash and Im getting a new one friday hopefully.

Moving on. My Blogging has been lacking lately(so has my exercise routine)....been feeling kind of icky, but I am getting a little better and need to get back on it!
Yes sir! Anything you say. lol.

Well today I did good on my diet and am about to do a few pinterest workouts and then do Jillian. Then dinner! I was feeling like laying here and being a bump on the log....but being a bump will not help me reach my christmas time goal!

Between Biggest Loser (re-run) and Pinterest Health & fitness section, I decided against laying here. Go me! Here ar a few neat things I found....(not doing them all today, but they are good workouts)

Have a blessed day!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Well today was Thursday, that's for sure. 

"I hate that tomorrow is Friday"  said no one ever. haha. YAY for Friday!

Well, Thursdays are kind busy with work and then That's the day we go in to town to visit with Mimi and so I believe Ill start doing this on Thursdays, A quick Random Thursday. Ill go through my phone pictures from the week and compile a post from them. Kind of like high five Friday, but I don't do that anymore because between the other 2 things I link up with, it is too much! So this will have to do!!! Enjoy.

1. Dinner at my grandmas was awesome as usual. She made a chicken fajita salad. The chicken is the bomb! and cheese, and black beans and corn....yum.

We also visited and watch Greys Anatomy and The X factor. :D

2. So this is pretty random....A rep at work brought this Halloween goody box full of twix, starburst, Reese's and goodies....and whoppers.

I asked a girl at work, Why do poor whoppers always get left behind?!  I feel bad for the little guys. There they sit, all alone, wanting so badly to be grabbed up as fast if not faster then the evil almond joys! But no, there they sit. Alone. Un eatin. its a shame!

But I don't like them. :P

3. My sweet princess made herself a little to comfy on my body pillow. Tried to ask her if she wanted to go "Tee Tee"....and she didn't move! If you know her, them are fighting words.

4. Today was day 4 of the Jillian Challenge.....

Kicking butt and taking names. Will reveal my before and after photos from this 30 day shred DVD. on the 1st of November. :D

5. This was the hardest decision ever.

I Love coconut
I Love Pie
I love fried foods
Put it all together and you have....

coconut fried pies...a bag of them at work...

I choose Peaches. So Boo Ya!

Well hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!! Pin It Now!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Friends Making Mondays

Friends Makin' Mondays
Just copy and paste this weeks questions and answer them on your blog, then link up with and read other peoples, and Make Friends!

 Uniquely You

1) Do you prefer to talk or text? Depends on my mood honestly.
2) How often do you make your bed? Never. Ever. Why for? Just gonna mess it up again soon! sue me!
3) What sounds do you hear right now? My dog snoring & and the T.V.
4) List three things that you always carry with you. My Phone, Gum, and A brush
5) What are your favorite TV shows? Grey's anatomy, Face Off, Dance Mom, Glee, Hells Kitchen.....
6) Is there a hobby that you’d like to devote more time to? If so, what is it?  Well I yo yo back and forth between crafts and projects, dont have trouble in this department. lol
7) What is your favorite drink? Water, iced coffee & sweet tea
8) Share a couple of cool facts about your family. All I can say is I love my family with all my heart. I dont know what I would do without them. And that my friend, is pretty cool. :D
9) List one thing that you will do for yourself today.My Nails. finally!!
10) Share something that you’re thankful for today. My family, faith, health, & all GODS blessed me with.

Hope everyone had a wonderful monday!!!Pin It Now!