Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Back at it...

Today I'm here to confess and to start over.

Lately I have gotten comfortable with my weight loss success...

I have found myself getting back into old habits

which unfortunately includes:
* fast food
* sweets
* late night snacks
* Stress eating
* turning splurge day into splurge weekends
* making up every excuse in the world to not go to the gym.

Now I haven't regressed too terribly bad in the weight department but I definitely don't feel good and I have gained inches which to me matter more than weight. For the last year I have been phoning it in and just maintaining. That's all and good if that's what you want to do, but that has not been my intention. I don't want to maintain I want to tone up and become more fit, and I have not done a single thing to achieve that. I have gained a total of 10 pounds from my lowest weight. My lowest weight was 169 and pant size 8. And it saddens me to say that my 8's, although they fit, are so not comfortable anymore.
I'm going to do my measurements again and I'll put the before and after on here. [Before and after my gain that is]...unfortunately I think seeing that next to the other one really will help me take this seriously.
So it's time for a change time to get serious it's time to quit phoning it in and get back to the motivation and will power that I once had when I started this journey. The  one thing that helped me shed the last half of that weight was this blog, and even if no one reads my blog or if one person reads this blog and if that one person gets inspired or changes anything, then its worth it. But mainly this blog is for me I feel like it holds me accountable. So my goals are as follows...
*I will wear shorts by summer ¡!
*I will get back into my 8's and look good in them
* I will have enough confidence to do a boudoir shoot for my husband
* I would really like to finally reach my goal weight of 155.

Pictures will be up soon Pin It Now!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Im back....to finish what I started!

Well, I do believe that I am  officially back to blogging. I have missed it. And I really NEED this for my last little stretch of this journey.

I am currently at 172lbs (I gained 3 lbs from last week, but I will blame my cycle.)

So I am officially 7 lbs from my initial goal weight AND 17 lbs from my overall goal. I want to get to 155. To give myself some wiggle room. If I can get there, that will almost be a 100lb loss. That's Insane!

I do know that these last few pounds will be a BIOTCH!!!

I have struggled lately, I wont sugar coat it. For all you who are losing weight, or are in my position and have less than 20lbs to go. This IS harder then starting the diet/excercise process. I think to a degree I got comfortable in how well I did, and even though I have more to lose, I started slacking off. These things DO NOT help me get to my goal.

1. Doing good all week and blowing it on the weekend
2. Skipping the gym

Bottom line, I was due at my goal weight by christmas! And then it was my birhday! And then it was summer.....Well summer is almost here! I wont lose 17lbs by summer, but I can be well on my way.

One thing i regret was not doing enough toning up. Despite the fact that my husband (who is major buff and a workout guru/gym rat) gave me work outs to do. I never really took them seriously. Sure, I did them, but not like I should. Some days my anxiety got the best of me and I did cardio instead. And yes I lost the weight, but in return, im not toned at all....

Im taking the week off because I had one more back procedure. And then next week Im getting serious again.

I had another Epiphany while seeing an old photo, and I'm ready to get this journey over with! Wipe my hands of it.

My mimi Made me this bag!

It is truly amazing how your brain tricks you into thinking you dont look much different then when you started...well its my brain and a little bit of the mirror too...bastards! lol.

But I do think the the proof is in this picture. Ive come a long way and I'm proud of myself.

So this blog helped me in the second half of my journey, and in order to get through this last leg, I am going to keep up with it. It was good for me. Even if no one reads it, its for me.

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Monday, January 14, 2013


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Worse blogger ever

Well I’m officially the worst blogger in the land. It’s been over a month since I posted last. Let me explain…

I was bad over the holidays and could not face you guys!

Haha. But seriously. The holidays were kind of crazy. A LOT of changes.

I got a new puppy. Her name is Pixie (hubby named her) she is the runt, and she is a long haired dachshund.

 We also gifted ourselves the new Wii U game console and I got Zumba and Just Dance 4; its super fun AND burns calories…always good

Also, I have struggled a bit with food/temptations during the holidays…shame! I gained a little and have been bouncing between 176 and 179!!! But last time I weighed I was 176.4...so not to bad. But considering I was due to be at my goal weight of 165lbs by christmas....major fail.
Here are some pics from the holiday since i've been M.I.A.
Me and the baby at Christmas

Texas had a white Christmas! Yea buddy! (doggy paw prints)

Me and Hubby at mimi's Christmas
The Family

Michael Liked our gift, Mickey Mouse Pillow Pet

Well so I am back on track for this last 15-20lbs!! Get OFF!!!
This was just a catch up blog, I will be back in full swing tomorrow!! until then. 

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend fun!

Well once again I am stuck at my weight. I cannot seem to lose like I was. Which is understandable, nearing the end of this journey...but it is frustrating because I am so close, yet the scale will not budge! My scale is a Biotch! It just pisses me off because now I probably will have to change my goal date to my birthday, which is January 31st. Instead of Christmas. ::sigh::

Granted, I probably didn't help the situation....Friday I did not go to the gym because I had my Job's Holiday party....I had some drinks and LOTS of this delicious dip my mom made...So no telling what the scale says.

Other news, here are some pictures from the party!
It was fun! After some liquid courage, they even managed to get me on the dance floor!

And saturday me and the hubby drove by a really pretty decorated park and stumbled upon a christmas event...there was vendors and food and a choir and band....not to mention the weather was beautiful! Only in Texas is it 79 degrees in December!

And So I thought that I would go ahead and do a more updated before and after photo...even though I'm not quite finished yet! But still! I need reasuraance right about now! have a good night!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shopping and Heels

Well Change of plans! I did not have time to put together an updated photo post to show my progress. But tomorrow I will.

After work me and my mom went shopping for an outfit for our Work christmas party this Friday. And also had some dinner and a margarita at El Fenix!

Yummy! Margarita!

So my mom spoiled me today and got this cute outfit for me, for the party!
Necklace: Dots
Bracelet: Dots
Shoes: Pay less
Sweater dress: Ross
Leggings: Dots

  Then we saw this cute purse!
It is kind of funky, but I love it!

And to have some fun, I tried on some Sexy Hooker Heels [no one be offended, just because you wear these does not make you a hooker, just what I call them] and let me tell you, Ive NEVER worn or even tried on a pair until now. Main reason being that I am 5'10" and my husband is 5'9", so that would be aweful. lol

But I wish I wasn't so tall because I LOVE them. haha. It is weird how freakin sexy you feel the moment you put these puppies on! But I will stick to my flats.

So anyway...thank you for letting me share random things from my day. Until tomorrow!!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keep going.

Today I focused on being GOOD. I have been having thoughts….bad thoughts…

Thoughts of things that equal so many calories, So I had to make sure and crack down today…keep my goal in sight. 165lbs watch out!

So Today I decided to make a To Do list and abide by it! I was very strict on myself today…and it paid off. I feel light as a feather! And freaking awesome.

Here is what I packed for work today

 Breakfast 8:00am

2 scoops of vanilla Whey Protein Shake

 10:00am Snack

1 folded slice of whole wheat bread with 1 Tbls of peanut butter and a banana

12:00pm Lunch

Campbells 100% natural soup and A green apple

My 2:00pm Snack 

6 cracked black pepper flavored triscuits and cheese cubes

My 4:00 Snack (and pre-work out snack)

Greek Yogurt and granola bar

After I worked out I had some fruit and then dinner was Corn (fresh frozen), green (fresh frozen) and rosemary seasoned red new potatos.  

I also did some ZUMBA today. On my own though...not that brave yet! I picked a bunch of videos from you tube I like and just danced along. Good enough. I break a sweat and only look like a fool in front of myself and my animals. lol

So My goal is to go ALL week like this. Eating right, doing some form of excercise EVERY day....and hopefully the scale is good to me saturday. 

If you wondering, "well, I thought that was what you were doing" Yes, your right, however...I have been swaying...and like I ranted about a few posts back, im getting burnt out..but I have come this far, I have to.......
Tomorrow I am going to Post a New updated before and after! [officially 72lbs down] And a couple other fun things...

Before I go....Im looking into yoga....anyone know where I can learn more about it so that I can attempt!?

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