Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday letters & photo Challange!!!

Well Its Friday So Im going to do friday letters! However no link up today due to her being out of town....but Im still rocking it!

Dear back….I love you, but I hate you! (Because you hurt so darn much)
Dear Husband…You cleaned the house and for that I’m soooo grateful!
Dear Gym….I kicked your ass! So boo ya!
Dear spell check.... I appriciae you telling me that “im” should be “I’m” But sometimes im lazy and don’t feel like it!!!!!   Suck it!
Dear Friday…. why did you take so long to get here?
Dear Bill collector…You think after the 7th call you would get the message
Dear Winter…Please hurry! Ive missed you!!
Dear Albertsons....Your prices are too high. You are robbing people blind!

And also it being friday I am linking up with Agape Love Designs for the Perspective Photo Challange...

 This weeks Theme is LOVE 

                   This is the epitome of Love. How can you not love that face. Sweet Boy. If you have read my blog, you know by now how much I love being an aunt and love me niece and nephew.

 I found This leaf while going on a run.....I saw it and thought of love.  Because its a heart of course!
I saw someone with a similar picture, but I promise I knew I wanted to do this the minute i saw it was love theme. lol. Inside the heart is one of my favorite verses.  "God is love"

Well that's my Friday!! This weekend will be fun. Three day weekend, yay! Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend. Be good!

OMG! How could I forget....tomorrow is weigh day. I will be on later in the evening to post my weigh in. :D

I'm pretty confident....Ive rocked it this week! Today at the gym I did another 20 minutes on the stair steppers....Omg you should see me afterwords, pouring sweat!...Hot mess. lol  Then I did a mile on the stationary bike and 20 minutes on the elliptical and my abdominal before leaving. And strict diet of course. Cant wait! The last weigh in I gained, but I'm hoping to get 186 or so....


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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo of the week and a little story

I am starting with my photo of the week....
Well tomorrow is Friday and better yet.... Pay Day.   This excites me.
Work today was boring…. See 

Did this at work....and turn it into a cartoon via FotoFlexer! 
Then the gym Rocked. I did 1 mile and 125 calories on the Treadmill....
2 miles and 213 calories on the Stair Stepper (my new goal is to do at least 20 min on the stair stepper every day that I'm at the gym)
And an hour in my step up abdominal class at the gym....which they say is 400-500 calories

 Dinner  was kind of simple, I was feeling like a meatless night. So I made some wild rice, fresh corn (not canned, to much salt! GO ME) and green beans.  Looks like a lot of food, but its all only 400 calories!
Sorry about all the pics. I  Haven’t blogged in a couple of days so thought Id share.

Speaking of, I want to share a quick story.
So one of the things that irks me is when I'm at the gym and the trainers that work there harass you. Literally. I mean, I'm all for helping people and most of them mean well. But then there are the few that don’t quite understand how to come at people. Case in point.

So He (the trainer in question) comes to me as I’m working out my arms…and it goes a little something like this
Him: What are you working on?
Me:   My arms
Him: Do you wanna come work out with me? Do you already have a trainer?
Me: No, and i'm fine, thank you though
Him: Well I see you doing that weak workout [and mimicked me pushing the weights] 
Him: You just need to get more toned, ill show you some military style workouts 

Pause for a minute…..did he just call me weak......rude!

Me: [my smile is not longer there]  Well I've lost weight fine on my own
Him: [defensive] Oh no no, no disrespect, I'm not saying your fat or out of shape, your fine, you look good,  you have no problems in the "pretty" dept.

Should of quit while he was ahead

Me: Yea, thanks [uncomfortable]
Him; Well if you change your mind let me know.
Me: Okay, thank you.

No lets break this down. In the span of trying to drudge up some business, a new client, he starts by
  1.       Not introducing himself
  2.       calling me weak
  3.       mimicking  me
  4.       telling me I need to be more tone
  5.       Then try suck up to my face after he thought he offended me (little does he know, I don't care what he thinks)
  6.       turns on the flirting (not cuz its true in his mind, but because he thinks he offended me)

Don’t get me wrong, I love myself, I think I'm beautiful and all, but I Know for a fact he didn’t think so, he was just being weird. And I'm married and happy and don’t need nor want men hitting on me, however, I can tell when you are or when your just being fake. And I'm not dumb, he sure wasn’t going around to all the skinny girls…..psh!  So now when I'm there I feel uncomfortable because he is probably thinking how “weak” my workout is. So that was my awkward little situation. Lol

Now when I go in I try not to make eye contact with any trainers. Just leave me be!

Well Tomorrow I will link up again for the Photo Challange and Friday Letters. See ya then!
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Pinterest Monday.....

Monday is here and it is time to get back on track. I got a little off track this last week. With the Happy hour  on Tuesday and the back procedure on Friday and then I ran out of 2 of my vitamins and for some reason didn’t drink my green tea!! It’s a wonder I didn’t gain more than just one pound…

Yes, you heard right.  No need to rewind.  I gained a pound, but that’s okay. Bad weeks come with the territory. I’m human...  Kind of sucks don’t get me wrong. But I’m still going to make my goal by Christmas and I’m still chugging along this long hard road. Lol. I’m going to sweep this week under the rug and start over again. Fresh.  New vitamins, back on my green tea. And back to the gym.

Ive been feeling so ready for the holidays, yous just have no idea. I cant wait. I LOVE LOVE LOVE October-December……here is why
              my husbands birthday 
              Our anniversary of our first date/ when we made it official (October 25th was our first date to the Texas  state fair, that night we decided to go out. haha
              Halloween of course! Taking my nephew trick or treating maybe.  yay
              October is the month of scary movies and I'm a sucker for scary movies.
              Pumpkin Carving. Yes, I still do and the hubby. We pick them at the patch and carve them and have a contest of who's is better. Maybe this year you all can help us decide!

                ♥  Thanksgiving....who doesn't love thanksgiving?
               Pumpkin Pie!!!  

               Me and Eric's marriage anniversary...Dec. 29th. This year will be our 6th year of marriage....or 7th....hmmm
    So in preparation of the holidays, my  will be all holiday themed.  Pinterest Monday

1.  I'm So doing this!
2.  What is better then pumpkin pie?

Teeny Tiny pumpkin pie bites.  yum.

Make em!

 3.  Cute gift Idea....

Here's How
4.  I have a black table, so this will be gorgeous as a center piece.  yay.

Elmer's Glue on wax paper + glitter. Once dried, peel off for nifty spiderwebs!

5. I'm going to also attempt this.  you attach things you are thankful for to the twigs.....a good reminder as well as pretty decoration.

6.  This is for fun......hee hee

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

High Five for friday & Photo Challange

I decided since I had my back procedure, I will have a quite and boring weekend. Going to have to take it easy so I will not be able to do my Weekend Top twelve on sunday, because, im sure there isnt even 2 interesting things im going to do!!! hahaha Sooooo...

I linked up with Lauren from "From My Grey Desk" Blog.... For High Five For Friday!

1. Dinner....I splurged a little. It was delicious. 

2. My moms Idea, My mimi sewed...Its a bag out of an old tank top!

3. Me before my back lol

4. Felix missed me. Right when I got home, Noala curled up at my feet and he got in my face.

5. Missing the baby, So Alex texted me a pic....<3<3<3 Precious.

 And One more thing I wanted to Share, I also wanted to Link up with
For the  Perspectives Photo Challenge.....

So this weeks theme was faceless portraits.....  And I choose to focus on My niece Rhiannon and my nephew Michael.    Enjoy.

 First:  Is my two favorite people.  My neice and Nephew. They are watching one of his favorite singing videos on You Tube, and she is clapping, but its precious to me because it looks like she is praying.

Second: Is The little Michael taking a bath...This was takin a while back, but It is such a cool picture! He loves taking baths and will play with that facet for ever! lol

Third:  Rhiannon at the zoo, we were waiting on the Train....Not real sure what she is looking at, But this picture reminds me of how big she is getting!!!

Well Thats all I have for tonight. I'm still on the fence about weighing in tomorrow.  I splurged and did not go to the gym ( Because of my back )  haha  Well that covers the gym, not the splurging, that I just did. : /

So I'm afraid if i get on and gain a pound or am the same, I will be disappointed. Trying to decide If I want to wait Till Monday morning, or just do it anyway. We will see......until then.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Before and So fars

Yay for my new font! 

Well to say today was rough, is an understatement. Long week!!! But Yesterday I had a blast with the girls from work and their men. We went to happy hour at Gloria's in Addison..
 Blasty Blast in a Glass!!!

So today I was sort of being a brat and looking in the mirror and just not seeing a big change, I often do this to myself.....Im fighting it I think.    Sometimes I am my own worst enemy.   Soooo  I created a few before and afters so fars...(not done yet with this process, so I will not call them "afters"  I will call them "so fars")  to help me see for myself!!!    And it worked.  So ill share...

Well  There ya go.....Sorry about the awful pictures!  Lol  But that was me.  Only 4 more months till I reach my goal weight!!!  I can not wait! Long time coming.

Well one more work day till I have another back procedure, and I cannot wait. Want to get it over with, but also, hoping it will help.  Well Pretty tired, so im going to go pass out!!  Goodnight!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Pinterest Monday

Well hello......Did your Monday suck as much as mine?!    Well maybe this will cheer you up!!!

                                 Pinterest Monday

1. Pumpkin Cake!!!
   ummm I cannot wait till fall......
   ........I'm going to make this. what I like is the actual cake is two ingredients!! How easy...Heres How

2. This was posted as a wedding a white puzzle and have guests sign the pieces, then put it together and frame...

............Cute, But I want to have my husband write the things he loves about me and me about him, then frame it and hang it above the couch!

                                                                                  3. Paint chip Boxes.

These are cute to put cute Christmas gifts in, or earrings and set it on your dresser!


 4.  Omg...I'm making these for my grandma....too cute.
(if you wanna know how.....Here ya go)

    5. I know pasta isn't great for you,  but you could always substiture it for grain pasta.....either way, it looks Delicious!!

Thanks Martha Stuart!!!  (make it!)          

     6. I found this awesome vintage looking jewelry for pretty reasonable price....Go check it out


Well Today was pretty good, It was A beautiful day here in good ol' Dallas Texas.  It almost felt like fall....80's, nice breeze.....awesome!   And the air felt so clean and crisp!    So much so that I decided that I just could not waste it inside a gym on a I went to a trail/track near by and did my c25k and some power walking....and enjoyed nature and no i-pod,   just me and my thoughts!!

One says....Out of order, the other, beware of what your telling me is, there might be a skunk, but I will not have assistance if needed!?  Come on people!!!

And then Home, and dinner.....

And then my shows.....Bachelor Pad,  Hells Kitchen,  and Intervention.    Then bed!   Goodnight!!!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend top twelve & 8-18-12 weigh in

Today I made an awesome discovery....Kinda silly....But It tickled me PINK..At the grocery store I rode on the basket (with nothing in it!!!) And it didn't even topple over!  Normally even with a bit of stuff in the basket, it would raise up.  Lol.... Eric (my hubby) was pushing me while I was standing on it.  Such Kids....You would've had no Idea we are 25!! lol
Like this ^   (this isn't me lol)

Next Bit of business....Weigh in Yesterday.......189.6
Holy Canoli....180's...barely, but still. It counts!! 

Weekend Top Twelve

1. Me after the gym on Sunday....
2. The baby! Getting sleepy!
3. Bought the wrong baggies for my lunch, they are tiny! haha oh well
4. Noala is using felix's scratch pad as a pillow....silly girl
5. 189.6.....need I say more?!
6. Kind of a dark picture, but it is Felix watching Church! We didn't make it to church so we watched it live via stream!
7.Crazy Love, Im ready to start this back up and finish it...
8. My Guitar pick necklace I made,  it says "Pick Jesus" on it.
9. Me in my new pink sports bra and Marilyn Monroe workout shirt!
10. Need to get to work on my crochet afghan again....sigh. So many projects, so little time.
11. Craving sweets so instead I had a banana with 2 tbs of Cool whip. :D yum
12. Me and my besty & Sister in Law had this Saturday....Cake flavored vodka...yum. Strong though!

Well Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I did! Me and Alex (sister in law) went to eat, and came home and watched  Crazy, Stupid Love and The Vow and had some drinks and snacks. Then Today I hung out with hubby..went to the gym, the groceries and made dinner and watch our shows!

Well, Until tomorrow!!     Love <3 Love<3Pin It Now!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Letters...

I'm linking up with Ashley for Friday letters...yay

Dear Saturday....I can't wait for you! Because with you, comes my splurge meal.  Dear man in car next to me at a stop light picking your nose and smelling it.....Your gross. Dear Husband...Thank you for rubbing back pain medicine on my back last night, your sweet and I love you. Dear Patient....Why must you get angry at me for not scheduling you, when your the one who gave a number that was disconnected, pay your bill. Dear Walmart...I wanted to make it official and let you know, I'm moving on....his name is ALDI...and everything is cheaper there. Dear size 16 were exciting at the time, but now, I must move on to 14...:D Dear mom & Mimi....thank y'all for dinner yesterday, y'all rock my socks off! Dear Nephew & Niece...I miss you both so much! Dear c25k.....You kicked my a$$ today with that 3 min running! Dear self...I'm proud of you and your beautiful! 

Well today I did Week 3 Day 1 of c25k....Lets just say, no matter how much weight i will lose, I will never be a runner, that running 3 minutes at a time really killed me! But I did it.   Well before I go here are some random things to show ya......

This shirt is so cute....heehee

So the 1st one is what my hair looks like normally, and the 2nd is after I straightened it..

Wish It was straight on its own! Such a hassle!

These are my new favorite snack! 100 Calories, they are yum.

Storming and so she followed me everywhere and she has to be touching you....

....Shes so scared of thunder/lightening....

Painted my nails finally....

               ....not to shabby

Well Tomorrow is weigh day!!! lets go 180's !!!   Well until tomorrow!Pin It Now!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Then and Now :):):)

Picture of the week.....

Well Today as I mentioned yesterday, I got an itch to re measure myself. I measured in my July 31st post Here.... And so its been about 2 weeks. So I'm going to do a little over all comparative thingy mo-bob here...I did finally find my hips and waist measurements I took from when I started, but only those's the break down!


                                                        Then                                                         Now
* Weight:                                       250                                                          191
* Waist measurement:             38.5"                                                       34"
* Hips measurement:               46.5"                                                       41"
* BMI:                                            34.9 (Obese)                                         26.6 (Over weight)
* Pants Size:                                 18/20                                                       14

So This is so crazy!  In 6 months I have lost 59lbs,  4.5 inches off my waist,  5.5 inches off my hips,  took my BMI down 8.3 from obese to one away from being deamed "normal weight", and gone down 6 pants sizes.  So crazy!!

Well Today I added my calories on Lose and I ate about 1,600 calories an then Did my Week 3 Day 3 of my c25k and Did my leg routine on the weights. I wanted to do some elliptical after, but I was beat and my back was hurting! One more week and I go to have another back procedure. This time he is doing a Radial Branch block then botox on that back muscle, and a week later another Rhizotomy but this time up higher where my pain is now.   sucks! I'm so glad I did not let my back pain be an excuse, or I would still be at 250lbs. Granted there is a lot I cannot do because of my back,  there is still a lot I can do. 

Well sorry to be a bum and end this blog short tonight, but I best be getting ready for bed!!! Night!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Pinstrosity.....

Well Today I was wanting to sway sooo bad from my routine. I wanted everything and anything that I shouldn't have.    I do not know why.    My car had a mind of It's own and tried to drive on home and miss the gym....psh,  You wish!   I had to literally turn around and go to the gym.  haha.   But I  stuck to my diet and my routine.   It is days like this,  the days it is the hardest  that are the most important days to go and do your best!! These days are crucial!   As the trainer on Extreme makeover weight loss edition says...."Get comfortable with being uncomfortable"    Aint that a Bizzoch!  But it is very true.   I try to push myself past what I know I can do!   It's hard, but it pays off.

Moving on.......

OH!! I found something awesome....I can share.....Its a blog called "Pinstrosity"   And its hilarious. It shows pinterest pins such as crafts and home projects and recipes and then it shows someone attempt that did not turn out so well of that pin. Its funny,  check it out........pinstrosity.    <-----Your welcome. (haha)   This ought to give you a few laughs!

Speaking of Pintrosity....hahaha    Here are my Fresh fruit popsicles!!!  The look cr@zy weird  because of the cup I used, but they are mighty tasty, and that is all that matters,   so hmpf!

So anyway.  That is pretty much that! Well tomorrow I believe I will post my Photo of the week, and maybe my measurements again....Duno, maybe it is too soon,  we will see.  And I cannot wait till Saturdays weigh day,  180's  (better be!!!).....omg.   Cr@zy beans!! 

Have a wonderful day!!!!

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