Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Worse blogger ever

Well I’m officially the worst blogger in the land. It’s been over a month since I posted last. Let me explain…

I was bad over the holidays and could not face you guys!

Haha. But seriously. The holidays were kind of crazy. A LOT of changes.

I got a new puppy. Her name is Pixie (hubby named her) she is the runt, and she is a long haired dachshund.

 We also gifted ourselves the new Wii U game console and I got Zumba and Just Dance 4; its super fun AND burns calories…always good

Also, I have struggled a bit with food/temptations during the holidays…shame! I gained a little and have been bouncing between 176 and 179!!! But last time I weighed I was 176.4...so not to bad. But considering I was due to be at my goal weight of 165lbs by christmas....major fail.
Here are some pics from the holiday since i've been M.I.A.
Me and the baby at Christmas

Texas had a white Christmas! Yea buddy! (doggy paw prints)

Me and Hubby at mimi's Christmas
The Family

Michael Liked our gift, Mickey Mouse Pillow Pet

Well so I am back on track for this last 15-20lbs!! Get OFF!!!
This was just a catch up blog, I will be back in full swing tomorrow!! until then. 

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