Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keep going.

Today I focused on being GOOD. I have been having thoughts….bad thoughts…

Thoughts of things that equal so many calories, So I had to make sure and crack down today…keep my goal in sight. 165lbs watch out!

So Today I decided to make a To Do list and abide by it! I was very strict on myself today…and it paid off. I feel light as a feather! And freaking awesome.

Here is what I packed for work today

 Breakfast 8:00am

2 scoops of vanilla Whey Protein Shake

 10:00am Snack

1 folded slice of whole wheat bread with 1 Tbls of peanut butter and a banana

12:00pm Lunch

Campbells 100% natural soup and A green apple

My 2:00pm Snack 

6 cracked black pepper flavored triscuits and cheese cubes

My 4:00 Snack (and pre-work out snack)

Greek Yogurt and granola bar

After I worked out I had some fruit and then dinner was Corn (fresh frozen), green (fresh frozen) and rosemary seasoned red new potatos.  

I also did some ZUMBA today. On my own though...not that brave yet! I picked a bunch of videos from you tube I like and just danced along. Good enough. I break a sweat and only look like a fool in front of myself and my animals. lol

So My goal is to go ALL week like this. Eating right, doing some form of excercise EVERY day....and hopefully the scale is good to me saturday. 

If you wondering, "well, I thought that was what you were doing" Yes, your right, however...I have been swaying...and like I ranted about a few posts back, im getting burnt out..but I have come this far, I have to.......
Tomorrow I am going to Post a New updated before and after! [officially 72lbs down] And a couple other fun things...

Before I go....Im looking into yoga....anyone know where I can learn more about it so that I can attempt!?

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  1. Story of my life, girl. Somedays I pray that I will be able to eat normally without being super strict with myself! I find I either have to be strict and be successful or have no structure and go out of control.

    And that is amazing you have lost 72 pounds! I have lost less than half of that and it is exhausting, so I don't know how you have done it. Keep getting it girl!

    1. Yea, sometimes I wish it was over, but that is on the days im frustrated. When i step back and see what all Ive accomplished, im thankful and patient. lol Thank you so much for the kind words!

  2. 72 lbs is such an incredible accomplishment!! What is your current weight now (if you dont mind me asking?) I am pushing forward the best I can now. Yes, some days are beyond frustrating but that is when I go on your page and other amazing inspirational gals page and it motivates me to keep on trucking.

    1. I am currently 178 (and am 5'10") My goal is 165! But unfortunatly I dont think ill get there by christmas, which was my goal. But I WILL get there and thats all i care about. AND SO WILL YOU!

      Glad I am some sort of inspiration to someone. lol :P


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