Friday, November 16, 2012

My Fur Babies

Meet my Fur Babies....

The story of Noala: She was a gift to me when I was 14 years old. My mom and Step dad had a Great Dane who killed me most prized and beloved Rabbit "Molly". I loved that rabbit so much. It was no ones fault. The rabbit got out, the Dog was just doing what it was built to do. So the puppy was a way to help the healing process. We went to get a beagle. In my mind, I was looking for a boy to name him Shiloh. (Real original i know...i was 14!! gimmie a break) But when I saw her, I fell in love with her diamond pattern on her neck and her butterfly on her butt....and the crooked tail she had. (they some how injured it or she was born that way..) And So I took her home and named her Noala. (from the Disney movie Lion King, only I spell it weird...once again, I was 14!!) And she has been my little princess ever since. Her hair is greying and either she is real stubborn or shes getting hard of my little girl is getting so old. And I dread the day I have to walk in the house and not be greeted by her. But she has made the last 13 years awesome! 

Her Butterfly on her butt.
The story of Felix: Felix was actually my sister in laws kitty (my husband's brothers wife). I lived with them for a while and he was there but I didn't pay much attention to him because he was their cat and mainly with them and I had Noala. When we went our separate ways, unfortunately they could not take him where they were going, so we decided to hold on to him until they could. Well It has been over a year and he is still here. Haha. I have NEVER been a cat person. They are brats. But he is the sweetest thing ever. He is everything I thought cats WEREN'T. He does not kneed on me, he never has his claws out, he is loving and loves to be all up on you, and he gives LOTS of kisses. way more than noala. Hes a sweety pie. He is in love with noala but She doesn't quit feel the same for him. When we take her to the restroom, he meows this heart breaking meow until she is back in the house. So it is safe to say, he will be with us from now on. 

of course they both PHOTO BOMBED each others pictures....
*Thank you Tuna and Pretzels for making these pictures possible. :P 

 I apologize for my lack of blogging lately.

This week has been kind of craZEE! And on top of everything I am already stressing about Christmas presents. GHAW!

The holidays are so bitter sweet. But It always works out, I just need to Get Er Done.

I’ve been doing so well on my diet actually. And have been to the gym every single day. Fought some 
 temptations as well....

I managed to do a 12 mile bike ride at the gym. On the Cycle Bikes, and my legs/butt is so sore…I’m going to try it again this time, but try to finish it a little bit faster.

I do not know why this week is so different then last week on the temptation aspect. I for some reason have so much more discipline this time around, however, I think maybe it is hitting me that the holidays are around the corner and I want to look good and I want to wow the people I haven’t seen since I started this! And get to my goal. Because although I’ve come this far. It won’t hit me or be real till I meet that magic number….

 If you have not already noticed, I made myself a Chalkboard! I just painted the back of a Dry Erase board I bought at walmart  with Chalk spray paint and so one side is chalk and one side is dry erase. 

Before I go, Something I like to call....."Yes please and No Way

                             NO WAY                                                                  YES PLEASE
Skinny Jeans....crazy busy and weird looking haha!           Hello Kitty for halloween & now christmas!

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  1. Your fur babies are adorable! And I love what you did with your chalk board. The photobomb pics made me seriously laugh!

    And a huge well done for going to the gym every day that is so much commitment right there! Btw you look great in your Hello Kitty pic and it's a very cute festive top. :)

  2. Awww love your furbabies. And what a great idea for a chalkboard! FUN.


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