Tuesday, September 4, 2012


What is up!? Well Today I stepped it up, as promised. And I'm making a few suttle changes to help me get out of this RUT! 


Here are a few things I plan to change....
*  I will have one day a week where I eat no meat.
*  I will replace 2 of my snacks for fresh veggies or fruit. (i used to do this, but I find myself buying 100 calories snacks, and I need to eat more veggies again!)
* Adding some High Intensity workouts to the end of my gym days!
* Going to do Dr Oz Detox Drink! probably next week though.
* Cut back on the splurging on weekends. I used to have a splurge meal only. Now im slipping into the mindset of splurge day! No No....
* No more canned veggies either, too much sodium!!

I think part of the problem is im getting restless. This process only gets harder the closer you get to your goal weight. That is for sure. Me personally I think was getting restless. Tired of the same ol' thing. Tired of stressing about what I can and can not eat, stressing when to make time for the gym, and being sad I cant eat foods my friends/family eat. But, It's all part of the process and I cannot give up now. I've come this far. I would not be satisfied until I reach my goal weight. Hince, STEP IT UP!

Well Today is my veggie day!
Omg, so this looks boring. But its amazing. Rosemary Herb potatoes, green beans that I cooked in onion powder, garlic, and chicken broth, and corn(fresh) Its about 350 calories. This with some water and fruit. :D

 As promised....Here is my proof that I went Ape Poo Crazy making jewelry!
The necklace was hard! I just bent some black wire until it semi looked like the word "Love" haha.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed their Tuesday and Have a good evening!!!

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