Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Photo Challange

Its Friday, so I am linking up with Agape Love Designs for the Perspective Photo Challange...

This weeks Theme was AROUND TOWN

                                     Me and hubby driving around town during sun set.

When I think of around town, I think of a map.....(I myself did not take this photo, but Love it, so i will use it) This is my nephew.

Ok, this is random, but the first thing my head thought of when I heard around town was sponge bob square pants who is famous for his little jig will saying 'Bring it aaarrroounnnddd town, arounnnnddd town" LOL

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  1. bahahahah I LOVE your perspective on around town with sponge bob!! I soo started saying that and saying the rest of the bubble blowing instructions. haha "STOP dont forget it!" LOL

    Great pics, thanks for linking up to Perspectives! Hope to see you back again this week! :)


    1. haha thanks. Thats how my noggin thinks. :P Spongebob is a classic...he rocks my sox off.


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