Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Weekend....and Weigh In

Ok so Here goes......Saturday morning I weighed and I was 187.6...

REALLY?          [Que my husband]

My husband:
Don't worry, Its probably water weight, or your period (Its that time of the month!), or the scales broke (ha! Love that one) don't worry, at least you did not gain.

Aww, hes so sweet, I him, But You don't understand, At this point so close to my goal date, its frustrating putting out numbers like this. Ive been stuck here for a while, he suggested something....

....Take a week off from the gym.

I was a little apprehensive. But it makes since. My body is so used to doing this routine day in and day out, and its not shocked by anything I do, therefore, I sort of am at a plateau.. it makes sense to take a week off (NOT from my diet though, just the gym) and let my muscles rest and then when I go back, Change my routine up and my body will be shocked, after a week off. And Lords willing, I will start losing again.

Ive read that after a week off you will be stronger! And it says you are supposed to take a week off for every 8-10 I'm  Looooooooong overdue.

Pictures from my weekend....

 Saturday we went to Gussie Field Park with my husbands brother and his wife, who is my bestie!!, and had a BBQ and then went and walked and fed the ducks. lol. It was fun!

The ducks were stubborn! The didn't want the bread! 

 Me out the door for church...

..and then my notes from this weeks sermon..."I'm not _____ enough", he addressed "I'm not Good enough". It was a good message.

Then me and my mom went to chili's!

I had Chicken Cajun Pasta and colored a chili for a donation to the St Jude Children's Research. :D

Then last but not least, Me and mom went to the Antique mall by my house...

...The picture on the right is of a little shop in there I could just take home! All of it!.....cute stuff!

I had a pretty good weekend. And Now for another work week! I don't go in this Friday because I have one more procedure. My last one! Because even if it doesn't work, I don't think I can do anymore. I'm tired of it all really. But I'm so hopeful this will work..So keep me in your prayers!

And Like I said....I'm staying on my diet, and will maybe go on a light walk after work, but no weights, or gym, or exerting myself for a whole week!

Before I go, What did everyone do this weekend?

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