Monday, September 3, 2012

Late Weigh Day!

Well I'm just now getting to it, but better late then never...weigh day was Saturday. And can everyone forget that I was hoping for 186? That will make this that much less embarrassing.  haha.
So I lost almost 2 lbs I suppose. I was 190 cuz that last week I gained a pound.....So that levels out to like 1 pound in like 2 or so weeks....
                                                                            ......Not Happy.

Well at lease I didn't gain, but at this rate, I will need to step it up. Big time. If I want to make my goal by christmas.

My weekend was kind of crazy, hince why I'm just now blogging.

Sataurday I spent it with my sister-in-law and my sweet nephew Michael....

And Sunday I spent with my mom and grandma. We went to Cracker Barrel and made some jewelry...which by the way I went a little overboard! lol.  I will show you all the evidence of that tomorrow..

Then Today I was basically a bum. Which is exactly what I had in mind! No work! I slept in, spent time with the hubby, and made more jewelry (told you...addicted)..

Here is a few more pictures from the weekend!

Lasagna! Grandma's was delicious!

Me making jewelry.

New protein Bars I bought at walmart for my after gym workout. Cinnomon roll floavor! yum

Started this book....GOD is in he Tough stuff.

Silly Michael under the couch, look at that smile!

Well Tomorrow I'm going to lay down my new plan for the week and show yall my earrings I made! until then!
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