Friday, September 28, 2012

Good news and some excitement

Well I will start off with some good news I suppose. I may have mentioned I might be a size 12 now, which I guessed only because I have a pair of size 14 and it is to the next size is 12!!! However, It was never made official.....UNTIL NOW!
I will post a pic of me in them tomorrow hopefully, along with my Saturday weigh in!

Work was boring! But we did have a patient bring us some goodies...
He brought boxes of them. Cliff honey oat crunch bars and 4 different flavors of cliff energy bars. Yum! 

Oh Oh Oh!!! I'm so excited for the October's "31 days of being Jillian Michael's biotch"! I have my calender, my 30 day shred DVD and my Halloween stickers to mark off each day! If you are lost, read this post for details! It's not too late!! Do it with me! It is $9 for any of her 30 day DVD's at good ol' Wally world and like a buck for some stickers. :D

Well I'm nervous for my weigh in tomorrow, that big number last time may of spoiled me. lol. Until then!!

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    1. Thank you! I seem a little obsessed but only because I havent been a size 12 since maybe middle school. hahaha. :D


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