Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weigh Day 09-22

Holy Canoly! Today was weigh in and Im super excited to say.....
I broke the 187 curse!!! Thank goodness...A guy from work said 187 is the code for homicide or something like that. lol. So needless to say, I needed to put that number in the dust!!! I was hoping for 185 so when I saw this..I was impressed.

Well today was a great day with the hubby. We went to the park this morning and did some yoga/core workouts. Then to the movies and lunch for my splurge meal and then shopping! Finished off the night with dinner at mcdonalds. Lol  thats how we roll....
I made a smart choice and got the Bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken and ranch. around 330 calories if their website is accurate. you can see, my hubby had some burgers and fries. Must be nice! But It doesn't tempt me because I HATE their burgers.

And I found a new snack I can have that will satisfy my sweet tooth!!
haha...This is a piece of Raisin Cinnamon bread topped with pumpkin spice cream cheese spread. Like my pumpkin  face?
Bread = 80 calories
Spread = 25 calories
TOTAL = 105 calories             
Which also = AWESOME-NESS

Also, I got my hair cut! Not real used to it yet, but It has lots of layers......
One more bit of news, A friend from my gym gave me Jillian Michaels 30 day shred....and Im going to attempt to do the "31 days of bing Jillian Michael's Biotch!!" challenge on Mama Laughlin's fit camp.
if you wanna do it, check out the details Here...So on October 1st I will start that.

Today marks the first day of, I'm so excited!! Everyone have a good weekend.

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  1. Well done for breaking the curse of 187! You're doing great.
    I'm curious though how is 187 code for homicide? it like police code? Also, I like your new hairstyle, it suits you.

    I gave you a little shout out on my last FMM post, you should check it out ;)

    1. Thank you! Well after thinking about it, i looked up the 187 number thing, seeing if he was pulling my leg....

      ^ copy and paste and read that, pretty interesting! lol learned something new today. :p I read your post, thank you soo much, that's so sweet :D I'm glad people actually read this. :P That small shout out made my day!

  2. WTG on getting under 187!! May you never see that number again ;)

    Your hair looks super nice and healthy!

    1. AMEN to that.
      And thank you about that hair, it for sure feels more light and healthy, still getting used to it. :D


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