Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where did the tiime go!?

Omg, It seems like its been forever….
Sorry for the delayed blog. I go from like one a day to not at all.
 But It’s been cray cray! So as I stated in my last blog, I took a week off from the gym, so actually I did you all a solid by not boring you last week. This was my week in a nut shell....
-Went to work
-Came home and crochet

BOOM! You amazed?!

So upon instructions from my trainer (my husband, haha) Don’t do ANYTHING exercise wise….so that when I start back, my body will be in shock and Ill start losing again. Lords willing!

Friday was my final back procedure, I say final, because I cannot handle anymore even if he wanted to. I had a Rhizotomy on my mid-left where the pain is (that’s where they sever the nerves that tell your brain your in pain) and then he did botox on that muscle in the same area, so needless to say I was pretty sore all weekend and am feeling much better today. 

Also, somehow at the facility, my glasses got lost. Apparently they grew legs and ran off. Lol
And so immediately following my procedure I was in valley view mall looking a hot mess getting new glasses from eye masters.

I should've been home resting, BUT if I go to long without them, I get a bad headache, dizziness…..I'm blind as a bat!! Lol So I found eye master who do it the same day and since I just bought the other pair in march and I only get one per year per my insurance, my insurance wouldn’t cover them until march…..so we paid out of pocket. But they had a sale, 2 plastic frames for $99. So until march, it will do…..wanna see?

So now that I bored you to death…..update on my weight
I weighed last Saturday and weighed the exact same….
Normally this would’ve gotten me seeing red, but because I sat around all week and had my week off, I was excited I didn’t gain.
I had this crazy notion that I would gain all the weight back in that week…:P

So I will start back at the gym and my diet changed a bit (more protein) and I will weigh again this Saturday. I'm hoping for 185 at least!!!!!!

Well, with the week off from the gym and the weekend indoors healing and staying out of the rain, I spent A LOT of time crocheting as i said...... I don’t know what it is about the fall/winter timer, I get in a crochet mood. So Here is what Ive done so far!

Don't know what these squares will be yet....scarf maybe

This is a granny square Cowl....LOVE it
This will be a scarf/cowl

Here are some random things......

This is my nephew watching a video of himself that i took a while back, he thinks its funny.....look how much of a chunky monkey he was in the video.....

My Green Tea at work!!

Me and my niece playing Disney princess old maid at my grandmas
She kept getting the Old maid. lol

Ew, I look ugly...haha

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