Thursday, September 6, 2012 suck.

Omg, so today I got a wonderful compliment from a girl at the gym who is in my step up class. Ive never really spoken to her, but she always comes to the class. She said "You've lost a lot of weight". Now, granted I know I've lost weight, its so weird, but its different when a stranger notices opposed to family/friends. Sometime I feel like friends/family is obligated to say it! Although this may not be true, its how I feel. So it is kind of neat for someone who only sees you once a week to notice.

Well this week at work has been hard.....let me show you what I mean...
I could eat them all in one bite!  SWOON!

So I passed on these, the grapes instead! :D

Me ready to kick the gym's ass!
Sigh. I will admit. I had one cupcake. BUT....I did good the rest of the day. I was afraid if I didn't I would like binge and eat all of them! haha. But seriously. I deserve it. magic word though....Moderation. <3

Well Today is short but sweet....Tomorrow I will link up for Fridays letters and the perspective photo Challenge! until then!

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  1. That looks like my old gym! (Lifetime Fitness). Anyways, HOW AWESOME to have a complete stranger realize you are kicking butt and taking names in the fitness arena! that has to feel SO AWESOME! Ive been in a bit of a rut this week but Im getting back into the groove of things. Temptation is definitely ALL around!

  2. And, I LOVE your Im the Bomb shirt. hilarious

  3. Ugh that temptation, she's a real beotch! Those pink boxes kill me every time.


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