Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today was for sure better in the Diet and Exercise Department. I'm back on track!

I joined a Team for a challenge through facebook's Fit Camp and our team is called "Jolly Jigglers" and our goal is to not jiggle so much. Lol. I think this is a great way to keep me on track and to help me lose this last 18lbs!

We weigh in every Wednesday, I have to e-mail a picture of the scale to our team captain. So That helps me not screw up through out the week for a few reasons...
1. Don't want to be the only one not losing
2. Don't want to let my team down. we want prizes!
3. With a team, I will hold myself accountable and want to do good for them!


So anyway....Before I go, here are some random pics. I havent been posting as much because my computer is going hay wire. It took like 1 hour to write this post!! So bare with me until I get it fixed!

 My husbands Halloween themed birthday cake I baked him

It is jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas

(I left one of the spiders on the table and that came back to haunt me)
 My sweet nephew Reading to me...

....didnt understand most of it. hee hee
 My cleaning attire.....

 My grandma sent this to me. And I already started it

I just couldnt wait!!
Me and the baby talking.

Well that's that! Everyone have a happy thursday!!! God bless!Pin It Now!


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