Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My scale is a Huzzy

I will start off by saying my scale is a straight up Huzzy....

 So you see?! My scale tricked me! Well not really, I'm not completely crazy! I know I haven't made it to my goal weight over night. haha. But Its soooo weird seeing the weight I dream of, but knowing it is not yet real. ugh!! lol Just thought I'd show yall, and that scale is in the trash and Im getting a new one friday hopefully.

Moving on. My Blogging has been lacking lately(so has my exercise routine)....been feeling kind of icky, but I am getting a little better and need to get back on it!
Yes sir! Anything you say. lol.

Well today I did good on my diet and am about to do a few pinterest workouts and then do Jillian. Then dinner! I was feeling like laying here and being a bump on the log....but being a bump will not help me reach my christmas time goal!

Between Biggest Loser (re-run) and Pinterest Health & fitness section, I decided against laying here. Go me! Here ar a few neat things I found....(not doing them all today, but they are good workouts)

Have a blessed day!

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  1. OH man, that scale is just WRONG!!! Maybe its just a premonition of what will be very soon! I am on my way to weigh in and didn't have an on week. Haven't worked out in a week due to a little medical issue I had this weekend SO, Im not getting my hopes up. Sigh. Good luck to you though and hope you are doing alright! STAY FOCUSED! WE WILL GET THERE!!

    1. I know right! Maybe your right, makes me feel bad for throwing the scale away now..:P

      Sorry about your medical issues, But im sure youll do fine! Even if you dont, its not like its from a lack of trying, so dont be hard on yourself.

      We WILL get there. Cant wait!!

      I just cant wait for the day where I can wake up and not only be happy with how I am, but not have to worry about calories, or workouts, or what i can and cant eat, and weigh ins. Sometime its kinda exhausting! Like my whole like if consumed by it! Granted I know when i get there, ill stil lhave to eat good and work out, but itll be all about maintenece, and althought people say its hard (im sure it is) But i dont htink it will be for me. If im happy with my body, ill be happy to keep it that way!


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