Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A day in the life of....ME

Well today I thought I'd try to share something new.....A day in the life of me. yay right? Don't get to excited.

So, every day is different obviously, but this was today..

6:20 am keep in mind im due at work at 7!!
    [from left to right]
 - This is me when I first wake up, scary huh? Im NOT a morning person.
-  Then I weigh because today was weigh day for my MLFC Jolly Jigglers Team. Down 2 lbs!!
-  Me with a tad bit of makeup and my hair thrown back (wasnt feeling it today)

6:45am yup, took me 25 min to get ready...again, I wasnt feeling it today. lol
 - I watch the news while gatherin my things and getting my shoes on...only in texas do you see WARM on the end of october.
- Me driving to work....its still dark!!! Wanna be in bed!
- This is where I work.I arrived at 6:58 (I work like 2 min from my house!!)
-  And this is my plaza. I work for a hand specialist/ortho surgeon

- This is my desk area.
-My breakfast at 8am was a vanilla protein shake and a banana
-And my 10 am snack....delicious
- The husband brought me by a treat, a pickle! My favorite.

- I cant get the hang of photographing what I eat, so I already ate it all! haha My lunch was potatoe cheese soup and a Tuscan chicken on wheat from subway.
- And my 2pm snack..
finishing up work and I got so busy I didnt remember to eat my 4pm snack, so I had a sweet and salty almond yogurt bar and an apple while driving.


 - After work at 4, I headed to turn in our money we raised for the Light the Night walk coming up this sunday and recieved our champion for cure bracelets and our shirts! I got a size medium this year as opposed to my XL last year. I will put up pics from the walk sunday!
-  Then, it was so pretty outside, So i skipped the gym and went running instead. I got dirstracted by the flower. lol
-Dinner time. I made fresh green beans and corn and pasta ravioli with light pasta sauce (looks like canned ravioli, but its not.)All under 450 calories.


 - Painted my nails while watching Twilight...yea I know...nothing else on T.v.
  - Did my Day 24 Jillian Michaels Work out
  - And got in some reading and had my green tea. 

Now I will shower and wait anxiously for the hubby to come home from work!

So there ya go, My life is pretty blah. haha

This weekend is going to be busy! I cant wait!! Friday night I'm going to screams (a haunted theme park) with my sister in law and the girls from work and then saturday is me and Hubbies date night (altho it will be indoors doing nothing, but those are my favorite) And sunday Im going to my grandmas and then to my LLS light the night walk with my mom! Pictures will be coming for all that!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and friday!!!


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  1. Love this "Day in the Life" post!! :) I might have to try that sometime. And it is HOT here still. Not warm. Still waiting for fall to show up in AZ.

    1. lol, well I spoke to soon...cold front and now its going to be high of 50s and low 39 tomorrow...then back up to 79 by next week!! I wish Texas would make up its mind!!

  2. Hiya! Just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for Liebster Award. I apologize if you've recently been nominated. You can view my nomination, and the questions, on my blog. I hope you're able to participate!


  3. Really find your blog interesting. Will be followin u.:)
    U too check out my blog please...However its not as cute as urs. xo


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