Monday, October 22, 2012

Liebster Award...Yea Buddy!

Well Oh my Geez.....something sorta freakin awesome happened today....I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. I will be honest, never heard of this before today, but its pretty amazing.
 So, It is an award that blogger's give out to other blogger's who have less than 200 followers, but definitely deserve more. yay! Thank you to Christina over at for nominating me. Air five!

The rules go a little something like this!
-If you were nominated, post 11 things about yourselves
-Then answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked you
-create 11 more questions to ask the bloggers You decided to nominate
-choose 11 bloggers to nominate with less than 200 followers
-And make sure and let these people know you nominated them! No tag backs, so dont nominate someone who nominated you.


11 Things about myself.

1. Im married to my high school sweetheart for 6 years now
2. I have a facination for Marilyn Monroe
3. I love pickles!
4.  Im a crafting FREAK...I scrapbook, crochet, draw, pinterest, make jewelry and up cycle
5. I Love to sing, I may not be the best, but it feels good belting it out
6. I have a beagle named noala And a cat named felix
7. I live in Texas And unfortunalty have never been outside of Texas....tsk tsk
8. I love God more than anything. Nothing I have or do is possible without him.
9. I Love the crud out of 80's movies
10. was a huge backstreet boy fan when I was a little
11. My favorite holiday is Halloween....!!

The 11 questions I was asked by Christina!

1.        Where were you born? Texas. YEE HAW
2.       What do you love most about yourself? My face...I think I have a pretty one.
3.       Who is your favorite music artist? Rascal Flatts
4.       Do you have a talent that you love but aren’t good at? Singing (Altho my husbands begs to differ, he thinks I have a gift....but im too scared to sing in front of anyone, he only knows from when I sing in the shower)
5.       What’s your favorite movie? I cant possibly narrow this down. Anything Nicholas sparks...and Magic Mike..hahaha
6.       Are you superstitious?Not at all.
7.       Do you have a weird phobia? Um no, just terrified of spiders, that's not weird though.
8.       How would your BFF describe your personality? Crazy/weird (in a good way)
9.       What’s your signature dish? I dont have one....sad I know...
10.   What’s your most embarrassing moment as a teenager and adult? Teen- Probably being rejected by the guy I liked...his loss! And adult- Driving and these guys in a car next to me were trying to Holler at me, I ignored them and drove off thinking "man, I must be looking cute, but dang! them guys were perves" needless to say, my gas tank was open. can you say..conceded. haha
11.   Who is your celebrity crush both male and female: Male is Ryan Gossling and female is Kat Von D

11 questions for my Nominees
1. Do you have any children?
2. If you have 3 wishes, what would the be?
3. If you could take any ONE item to a deserted Island what would it be?
4. Favorite T.v. show?
5. Last book you read?
6. Last movie you saw in the theatre?
7. Favorite band/singer?
8. If you could vacation anyweher, where would you go?
9. Do you like Pina Coladas? Or getting caught in the rain? :P
10. favorite store to shop at?
11. What is something your scared of?

My nominnes are..
Ok, so obviously if you don't feel like participating, you don't. But it is a great way to meet new people and get yourself out there! Lets support each other! And to the girls I nominated, you all rock so hard!!  I love all yalls blogs so much.

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  1. Holy cap! Thanks so much for the nomination! I'll get on it tomorrow... Debates are making me brain-dead. o_o

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I feel so loved!


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