Thursday, October 4, 2012


Well today was Thursday, that's for sure. 

"I hate that tomorrow is Friday"  said no one ever. haha. YAY for Friday!

Well, Thursdays are kind busy with work and then That's the day we go in to town to visit with Mimi and so I believe Ill start doing this on Thursdays, A quick Random Thursday. Ill go through my phone pictures from the week and compile a post from them. Kind of like high five Friday, but I don't do that anymore because between the other 2 things I link up with, it is too much! So this will have to do!!! Enjoy.

1. Dinner at my grandmas was awesome as usual. She made a chicken fajita salad. The chicken is the bomb! and cheese, and black beans and corn....yum.

We also visited and watch Greys Anatomy and The X factor. :D

2. So this is pretty random....A rep at work brought this Halloween goody box full of twix, starburst, Reese's and goodies....and whoppers.

I asked a girl at work, Why do poor whoppers always get left behind?!  I feel bad for the little guys. There they sit, all alone, wanting so badly to be grabbed up as fast if not faster then the evil almond joys! But no, there they sit. Alone. Un eatin. its a shame!

But I don't like them. :P

3. My sweet princess made herself a little to comfy on my body pillow. Tried to ask her if she wanted to go "Tee Tee"....and she didn't move! If you know her, them are fighting words.

4. Today was day 4 of the Jillian Challenge.....

Kicking butt and taking names. Will reveal my before and after photos from this 30 day shred DVD. on the 1st of November. :D

5. This was the hardest decision ever.

I Love coconut
I Love Pie
I love fried foods
Put it all together and you have....

coconut fried pies...a bag of them at work...

I choose Peaches. So Boo Ya!

Well hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!! Pin It Now!

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  1. That chicken fajita salad looked AWESOME! YUMMO! And good for you for picking the peaches. Jessica-1 Fatty food- 0! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!


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