Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Half Way There...

Today Marks Chapter two in my weight loss journey... I'm almost officially half way there! And I'm super excited about that. :D I started out at 237 pounds (and have gotten all the way up to 249!!) And I'm proud to say I'm down to 209. My goal is 165-170. I cant tell you how it will feel to reach 199. Seeing a one instead of a two will mean so much to me.

You might be thinking why start a Blog now? Well honestly... that's a good question. I've kept a Diet journal, But decided Id rather do it this way, and I do have so much more to learn and share, and I still have 40 or so more pounds to lose. Plus I like the idea of maybe being able to share with people who are going through something similar how I've done it thus far. Even if not a soul reads this, it is something Id like to look back on and read myself...lol.

So Today was hard because we had lunch catered at work and I did indulge a little BUT i followed some simple steps for when you binge. I had a large portion of pasta and some fruit as well as two zucchini muffins...however I did pass on the cheesecake. so not all was lost. Could've been worse.

After a Binge....

<3  Drink lots of H2O (water flushes out toxins and will help eliminate water weight)
<3 Eat fruits and vegetables (Your body will be nutrient deprived, plus they are calorie light)
<3 Work out ( your metabolism is proven to be boosted for several hours after you exercise)

But most importantly....

<3 MOVE ON!  (you cant change what happened yesterday, but you can decide what happens tomorrow.)

So anyway, these steps really helped me not totally ruin my progress. 237lb jessica would have just thought, "well I messed up, ill just start back on Monday" even though it is barely Tuesday!

My next weigh in is on Saturday June 16th and I will be posting my weigh in! Tomorrow I will be posting something I will call my weekly Wednesday fitness Tip!! Until Then....Pin It Now!

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