Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pizza & Cookies....or not.

I am so drained! For some reason today I feel kind of warn out....But otherwise I still had a good day. Work was good but busy, I stayed on my diet all day despite the temptation of pizza AND cookies. I had a lean cuisine instead with a salad and I had 1 small cookie that was 90 calories...normally I would've had like 5 or 6 maybe more, and stuffed some in my desk. lol. But I was afraid if I walked away I would waltz back and splurge...sometimes you have to treat yourself, as long as it is moderation, no biggie.

After work i went to my grandmas and me and my mom and her all went to the pool and hung out, and ate a chicken fajita salad with black beans pool side! So good! And went swimming and did some water aerobics. Normally it being THURSDAY it would be my step up class at the gym, but since I went to my grandmas, I came home and did some P90X. whew. I'm ready for bed. Ill post more tomorrow, I just don't have the energy tonight...

Until Tomorrow...<3

Oh and my brother sent me pictures of my beautiful niece Rhiannon from her dance competition....Adorable.

Ill tell you one thing I love more than anything...being an Aunt. I love my neice and my nephew so much! Off <3
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