Monday, June 18, 2012

T-shirt Quilt

Today I came home and worked on my Tee shirt Quilt....

These are all shirts that I wore during my biggest and they are really baggy on me now! So I decided to make a quilt out of them because regardless of the situation, this was a part of my life. These clothes will remind me of how big i got and my journey to where I want to be. When i see these clothes, I see myself wearing them and how unhappy I was. Alot of these shirts I used to hide. I hid behind them, tried to hide my imperfections, my fat, and my unhappiness....but now more!! Now I will cover up with them when Im cold! 

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  1. That's really cool! I actually I have boxes of t-shirts that I want to make into a quilt! I have so many of them! Was this a hard quilt to make?

  2. Well to be honest, My grandma is the one quilting it. I cut out the squares and she sews them together and then puts the padding and the backing material (or if you do front and back t-shirts you don't need backing material) Then she goes back and hand quilts between the squares so they puff up a little like a quilt. It should be finished this weekend, i will post a picture of the finished project!!


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