Friday, June 15, 2012

Importance of Support

I'm watching my Nephew tonight and tomorrow and we went for a nice sunset walk...which worked out good because I didn't get to go to the gym today! 

Which brings me to a good topic....The importance of Support!

If i know one thing that's true, my saving grace has been my friends and family. Its so great having people who support you! Its those everyday small things that count. Like when i went with my mom to take my niece to the zoo, she made sure we had healthy snacks with us. And My mimi always being considerate when it comes to cooking healthy when i come over or taking me to Souper! Salad instead of Chili's or somewhere. Or my husband always willing to eat healthy with me, even though he doesn't need to! lol. Its the little things that your support group does for you, that will make a difference! 

Also important....Letting people know your dieting/losing weight. Trust me, this makes all the difference! Having everyone you come in contact with know what your doing will help you hold yourself accountable! And makes you more determined to do it and show people you can. If you tell everyone at home but not your co-workers, not only will they unknowingly tempt you, but you will find it easy to always give in because they do not know. So i told EVERYONE. Makes me want to be good all the time, when all these people i told are watching! haha.

Well tomorrow I will post my weigh in!! Remember, last Saturday I was lets see...
Until Tomorrow....<3
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