Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweet Tooth Fix

Today I had a sweet tooth and So along with my pledge to not eat sweets, I decided to come up with an idea that would not compromise my promise to myself but that would also not leave me feeling here is what i decided on!    

I cut up fresh strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and peaches and filled up some Popsicle molds and then poured a little bit of juice (use what ever you like or have in your fridge) just enough to cover the fruit and put in the freezer! So now when I'm feeling like i want to be naughty, ill just go grab me one of these! And I wont even feel guilty! Talk about awesome!            

Wednesdays weight loss Tip #1:

I do this a few times a day, along with my abs exercises, and you can feel it! I especially love how convenient it is, you can do it at work, in the elevator, no matter where you are, do a quick 20 seconds and it can make a difference over time!

Well Tomorrow I will be posting the picture that started it all! I'm nervous but excited to show people the one thing I despised the biggest self. Until tomorrow!

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