Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall.....

Its so strange, Although I have a long way to go, it is so awesome being able to actually look at myself in the mirror and not just walk by it....And actually like taking pictures of myself. 

I can spend so much time now in the bathroom just marveling at how much I've changed in the past 3 months. Not that i'm conceited, but try being so disgusted and ashamed of yourself and your body for 7 years and then finally seeing the things you missed! Like a smaller stomach, double chin gone, thighs getting further apart (lol) and my favorite...a tighter butt. All for my Hubby! 

Craving Tip #1:

When I am hungry or bored between my meals and just want to eat for the heck of it, I chew gum. Sugar free gum of course. I always have a few different flavors on me, it makes it a little more exciting being able to pick a flavor i'm craving at the time. They even have desert flavors like apple pie and mint chocolate chip and  they are delicious. My favorite are the trident layers, the sweet cherry island lime taste like a sonic Limeade YUM. 

So if you just need something to chew on...reach for a piece or two of sugar free gum until your next snack/meal. :D

Don't forget, Saturday is my weigh in....Until Tomorrow.
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