Thursday, June 14, 2012

Before and After...Half way there!

So this is the picture that started it all, obviously on the left. This is me and my bubba on Christmas of 2011....And let me tell you, i remember that day well. I remember putting on my sequin tank top and jeans and slipping on my little black slinky shawl and thinking how cute i looked. Although I know i'm overweight and am completely unhappy with myself at this point...I thought not to shabby and also thought i actually looked kind of thin. So a few weeks later when i looked at this picture, i could not believe how fat i looked...I was appalled. I just remember looking at this person and crying for her. This wasn't me, and yet i hated that it was. So here I am, around 40 lbs lighter and i STILL have 40 more to go. But i'm glad i'm finally doing this. I cant tell you how many times i began and did good for a week and then messed up...this cycle has been going on for years. And i finally broke it (pat on the back) Well, here are a few things that I'm really looking forward to as i lose more and get to my goal weight!

* Being comfortable and sexy around my husband again
* Not having so much anxiety in public places
* being able to go to he pool and not wear capri's or cover ups
* go to six flags or somewhere and not have to wear pants and shirts, being able to wear shorts and tank top 
* paint my toe nails without my fat getting in the way (its already gotten better)
* For once, not have to go to the plus size side or embarrassingly look through the maternity section
* Not cover up with jackets or sweaters
* feel confident enough to wear cute accessories 
* finally be able to express my true style, something i cant do when your big, b/c they don't make your size
* not have to pull jeans up over your fat when you sit down
* not feel embarrassed to meet my husbands friends b/c i feel sorry he has to show his friends the way i look
* go to the doctor and not be afraid to step on the scale

I honestly cant tell you why or how I got as big as i did, all i can say is i'm not proud of it. i'm not saying big is not beautiful, or anyone overweight is bad or ugly. I'm saying I'm not happy and i haven't been. me personally, its not the life for me, and i'm so blessed i finally snapped out of it.

*** On December This year, I plan on taking the exact same picture of me and my brother, to show my finale before and after. According to my calculations I will meet my goal in October, so most definitely by Christmas.***
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  1. You look fantastic!! Way to go! I've been debating with myself whether or not I should post a before and after picture right now. I still have about 36 pounds to lose, and I think the final "after" picture would look so much more awesome next to the "before" picture... But I want to show my progress! lol Not sure what to do about that. I'm enjoying your posts!

    1. Thank you for reading!!. :) That is a tough one...granted the before and finale would be more drastic, I wanted to do a half way just because as i look in the mirror everyday I don't see my weight loss. probably because i see myself doing that really gave me confidence and showed me i AM doing good so far and helped me to keep going. that's me personally though. :)

  2. WOW it feels like you are (were in my head) I am at the beginning part of my journey but I am right with you...

  3. Hi Jessica, I've just found your blog and wanted to say how amazing you've done. I can completely relate to what you're saying in this post about all the things you're looking forward to as you continue to lose even more weight. I love following blogs that are a bit different and yours seems like one of those. Keep up the good work! :)

  4. Aw, Thank you so much. That's good to hear from people. And that is what keeps me going!! Your awesome! And thanks for reading!!


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