Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flash Back.....

Well today is friday for me,   I dont have to go to work tomorrow,   instead I have to have a back procedure done.   ::snff sniff::  Kind of glad thats finally tomorrow, ready to be pain free.... Then I can rock out the excercising even more than I already do.

Today was busy! I almost forgot to eat haha   Im going to attempt to at least one day a week  (maybe eventually ill designate a specific day)  of showing exactly what I ate all day.  Maybe that will give people some ideas,  or something that may not of thought of in terms of snacks and stuff.......I'll start that next week.

Breakfast today was ill brag and show yall...

Oh man This was yummy! I had some oatmeal and fresh bluberries  and some cherries!!  What a good start to my day.  For some odd reason, I find it easier to do good the whole day when i start out with a totally awesome and healthy breakfast.....That just me?  haha

Today was my step up class at the gym...It was good....We did double step!!!  Whew.  And now im going to rest up and get to bed soon for my date with Dr. Rodriguez. haha

Before I go...  I wanted to do something fun.  Share with yall some old pics

**Flash Back**
Me And hubby at Prom 8 years ago!

Me at freedom fest (High school, I was alot thinner then)

 And....almost forgot,  im a nail  addict so I've already changed them....
This pic is blurry....sorry

Well tomorrow I will post pics of my morning of fun, haha  and my T-shirt quilt!! yay. Until tomorrow!

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