Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lazy Daisy

Well today I went to my step up class at the gym........And it gets easier each time.   The first time, man I was red and pouring sweat during the warm up! lol. But now, Im lookin like a pro! (maybe not so much, but a gal can dream right?) Im feeling kind of lazy after that class so dinner was a given....

Cereal and fruit! Talk about fancy. Lol. My co workers laugh when they ask what im having for dinner and i say "cereal". But im all by my lonesome. My husband works and I do not have kids, so why would i cook every night? granted I do like to cook sometimes. But more often then not, I get something easy. I won't Lie. 

And to add to my laziness....I also started working in my art journal (Ill post a picture tomorrow) And did a few yo yo's for my moms yo-yo quilt.......sewing isnt my forte, But these are pretty simple...

So Here I sit, on the couch, and have no plans on getting up till bedtime. lol. I just have no energy today! 

I am excited for SATURDAY for two, Its weigh day. and two...splurge meal!! Chinese buffet..... yes please. Move over! Cuz momma's going to tear it up! lol. Sometimes that's the only thing that keeps me sane is knowing my splurge day is coming. Even Jillean Michaels has a splurge day. 

Before I go, here is a tip that helps me out....I vowed to not eat after 8pm. And on the rare occasions I stay up late or i feel like i cannot make it, I will eat a pickle! Im talking about a movie theatre style pickle. The big ones (I usually get them at 7 eleven) And yes i know, pickles have salt...but they are calorie free and the juice feels me up, better than snacking on something that will ruin my morning weigh in!

Until tomorrow....speaking of, I will post my weekly picture tomorrow! :)

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