Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Top Twelve

              WEEKEND TOP TWELVE
 I'm starting this and will do it every Sunday. It is the top twelve things from my weekend. This can be places, people, things, moments...enjoy!!

1. Watching Dirty Dancing!!! 
2.Going to the gym with my hubby...always fun.
3. Went to half price book store, and found this Marilyn Monroe book...I will buy!
4.My Felix cat playing in a box...this was entertaining..
5. A verse I found out about this weekend....It is 1 Peter 3:3-4.  It talks about inner beauty...look it up!
6, Sewing yo-yo's for my moms quilt while its raining out. 
7. Finished my Jodi Picoult book!!
8. Played some Nightmare before Christmas Monopoly with the hubby...quality time. 
9. Was going through pictures and found this one i thought i lost!!! It is my favorite...My husband, his brother and my nephew. The big boys are playing video games, baby wants to too!
10. I pinterest hunted this weekend, and found this  kewl art I want to try, coloring/painting on old book pages. Cute!
11. Me and my hubby went to eat, I caught him off guard. lol
12. Homemade Banana and peanut butter ice cream...only 2 ingredients. Yum!

Well As I pledged a while back to have splurge meal/day and not splurge weekend, Today was back on the wagon. Did good and worked out hard at the gym, so i'm satisfied. Now its time to get ready for another week....sigh. Until tomorrow!!!Pin It Now!

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