Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Top Twelve, Weigh Day......

                     Weekend Top Twelve

1. Me & Rhiannon (neice) at Katy Perry 3D. It was good.
2. My attempt at a pinterest nail idea. :D
3. My neice and nephew together....Love being an aunt!!
4. We put her american doll's glasses on Sir kitty!
5. Yep. Those are size 14. yay!! (was size 18 and those were snug)
6. Started a New Jodi Picoult book, Its about a school shooting, serious stuff, but good so far.
7. Hello Kitty at the gift shop where i work.....!!!
8. I was excited these were on sale. I love cherries. Yum.
9. My neice scrapbooking, Im a proud aunt!
10. Started back on my hexagon quilt...finally.
11. OMG! I'm doing this....its a 5k and each mark you get blasted with color, so fun...check it out for your city! Color Run
12. We splurged for Brahms. Yum. She took mine over. lol

Ok so let me catch you up. Saturday was weigh day, I swear i wasn't stalling, although it understandable since I lost....... GAINED 1 Pound.  Ugh.   Really???    Yea so Not only did i not mess up once, but i kicked butt at the gym.   So i don't know where that came from.   I guess I got spoiled to losing. Every week since i started I have lost 3, 4 or at the very least, 2lbs.  But, everyone has bad weeks.   Me included,   I am not and exception.  So I'm gong to just put it beind me and keep going.   Maybe it was muscle gain,  water weight, or just my body. Lol   whatever it may be,   im not going to let it discourage here it is...

Sigh. So. My weekend was awesome. Me mom and Rhiannon (niece) and grandma went to chilis....My splurge meal....Chicken, bacon ranch quesadillas with a side of french fries and ranch dipping sauce!  Then Braums.....yea i know,  that was just a little much.  Then me mom and Rhiannon dropped of grandma and went to Katy Perry 3D.  And then Rhiannon came to stay the night with me and baby Michael came to visit!  Well before i go, pics from the weekend....until tomorrow!

Me and Rhi Rhi

Rhiannon and Her American Doll

Katy Perry 3D

My two favorite people


Rhiannon hurt her leg jumping on the bed. Tsk. Tsk,


Watching his favorite music video...

Rhiannon Scrapbooking

Oh yeah! These are 16!! Time to go to 14.

Wow, goofy girl!

Mom and Rhiannon at the movies

caught off guard
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