Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm back...and lighter!

wow, so its been a while, but my computer has been on the fritz. So here I am... since my last blog I am proud to announce...........

WOO HOO!! Yes, what you are seeing is real. 199. Finally. And actually it is 198 as of now. YAY!! So my next small goal is going to be 189. And although that will take some time, that's what i'm rooting for. Got to have something to keep me going. 

Also, I check my BMI today. I moved from 34.9 which is deemed Obese to 27.6 which i deemed overweight. And i'm 26 lbs away from being deemed Normal weight. Which Will put me at 172 and I will be 10lbs away from my over all goal weight. This is excited for me. So close!!

So now that everything is back to normal I will be continuing with my daily blogs. 

I wanna touch on something real of my weaknesses when I was eating all the time was fast far. I could eat fast food like it was going out of style. I would always buy more than i could eat, but i sure would try my best to eat it all. Not only is it awful to put in your body, it is so expensive. If i added up how much we spent on fast food a month, it would shock you. So I won't. lol but take my word for it. It was bad. So naturally one of the hardest things was giving that up....but in order to keep myself sane at times. I do splurge and get fast food. BUT its something healthy. That way I feel like i'm getting my way, but i'm not harming my diet. Here are a few of my favorite fast food meals for my diet...

Taco Cabana - I get a cabana bowl with no shell. I get black beans, rice, lettuce and chicken fajita meat, hold the toppings (cheese and all that). Man, this is so delicious. Fills me up and it is only 305 calories!

Subway - Of course this is good for you right? not necessarily...if you get a foot long meatball with chips and a soda, you mine as well be getting McDonalds. Just because its subway doesn't mean everything is up for grabs.  I get  a 6 inch veggie on wheat. With apples slices and a water. less than 350 calories

Taco Bell - I get 2 fresco chicken tacos with 1/2 serving of the pintos and beans and rice. This is around 460 calories and fills me up!!

There are several other options but these are my favorites. Now i cook and eat at home most all of the time, however every now and then it is ok to grab something as long as its healthy!! until next time...

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