Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So much to do, so little time!!

OK so to say today was challenging is an understatement. Today was kind of ridiculous. But somehow I made it through without screwing myself up. I packed my lunch for work and it was a lean cuisine. And so naturally I find out we are getting lunch catered today. So I would eat what they bring and save my lean cuisine for dinner. No biggie...They bring a sub place. It was a huge tray of sandwiches, I could have eatin like 6 of them (they were small) plus bags of chips in all flavors...sour cream and onion, jalapeno, BBQ, original..you get the point. AND to top it all off, giant cookies...and I do mean GIANT. Yum. I grabbed one sandwhich, one bag of chips and one cookie....but decided to put that cookie back Whew! That coudve been bad.  Stayed on my diet throughout the day and on my way out I went into the break room to grab my lunch box and there they sit...extra chips and cookies!! I grabbed a bag of sour cream and onion AND a chocolate chip cookie and stuffed them in my lunch box, and headed out the door. Now, As I sit in my car I think to myself, well, If Im going to mess up and eat these chips and cookie, I mine as well go all the way. I had it all planned out. Skip the gym, Stop by Whata Burger and have myself a chicken strip dinner, with chips and a giant cookie for dessert. Something told me not to. I threw out the chips and cookie.....forgive me. And headed to the gym. And came home to my lean cuisine. Im so proud of myself! I almost went back a few steps!

On a lighter note, I decided to start an art journal....half art, half journal. And I have so many ideas, Im excited to start.....whats one more thing to do right?  lol....lets see some of the "projects" I have going...

                  * Granny Square Crochet Afghan
                  * Hexagon Crochet Afghan
                  * Helping my grandma with my moms yo-yo quilt
                  * My Art journal Daily
                  * My Blog
                  * And my many pinterest crafts!!!

Man, sounds like I need to get off the computer and get to work!!! until tomorrow!

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