Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Blues....

Ok So Today I for sure had the Monday BLUES.. But its over and done with!! whew! Im going to be brutally honest...not much went on today. lol. Work....blah.......gym.....wasnt feelin it.....and came home and cooked dinner. haha
So This may look like a hot mess. haha But i promise it is delicious! So it is black beans, sweet corn piled into whole grain taco shells and some butter lettuce topped with the spilling of the tacos. haha. Yum. And less than 400 calories. With a nice glass of iced lemon water. yum. That was about the best part of my day. haha. sad huh?!

I also wanted to post something fun I found on pinterest that i like to do sometimes...

Ok,  so at first i thought this was silly.    But It is actually kind of fun and you feel like your not just sitting and being a couch potato.   Well unfortunately that's all i have for today......until tomorrow.Pin It Now!

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