Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Skinny Taste dot com......

Let me start off by saying..........It is days like these that dieting pisses me off!!!! haha     We had chiloso  catered at work....Guacamole, queso, beef and chicken for fajitas, tortilla chips, re fried beans, rice......ugh!!!        I went ahead and had some of the grilled chicken by itself with a little bit of rice and ate my fruit salad i brought.   It was heartbreaking.  But im sure glad I didnt indulge.  I have a goal to meet people!!!!!

So then i proceeded to head out early to go to a spine specialist.( My second opinion)...I have had bilateral facet injection, a rhizotomy (severed the nerves) and still have back pain, so this new doctor wants to do an epidural injection directly onto a disk protrusion i have that is almost touching my nerve. So that is on Friday the 27th.    Im so exited to hopefully be pain free soon!!!

Then The Gym was OK, Worked out my biceps, did some elliptical, and running on the treadmill, then finished it off with a trip to the sauna. Not my best work, but lately with my back, I just do what i can.

And when I came home to shower,  i couldn't help but notice something in the mirror.......Which brings me to my next question............Is anyone else worried about once you get to that goal,   what about the stretch marks or saggy skin?!     OK,  i dont mean to be a negative nancy,    just trying to be realistic.  I put a lot of stress on my body and im so afraid im going to get to my goal weight and be dissapointed in myself still....
I guess I shouldnt worry about it yet,   cross that bridge when I come to it.

Well before I go, I wanted to share something.......I want to share a blog ive  lived by during this diet process......it is called   skinnyTaste.com

Hash brown egg white nest from SkinnyTaste.com
And this is my next project!!! Here is the link to this recipe and while you are there, browse around.....they have all sorts of good recipes and each one has the nutritional value along with picture tutorial on how to cook it.                       >>>>> Skinny Taste <<<<<<Pin It Now!

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