Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Ok so let me vent a little first....I was discussing something with a co worker at work. All these ladies spending money on diet pills and doing crazy hypnosis and acupuncture and Tape worm diet (Ew....seriously)  Whatever happened to eating right and working out?  Ok so I know its easier said then done, but why would you want to harm your body by doing all these crazy things to it?  I don't think Ill ever understand.  And I dont know about you, but id rather be over weight than put a crazy long worm in my body to eat all my nutrients.

Now that that's of my chest, haha...  Ok so as promised,    some good work out routines that i do when I'm home, or when I'm unable to make it to the gym. Most of them I got off of pinterest.

* At home circuit workout   - This kicks my butt,    but that's why I like it.
* Abs!  - Ok so I admit, it took me forEVER to actually finish this all the way through!  haha
* Workout in the pool - I love water workouts. If you go swimming with whoever, do a quick few excercises, then enjoy yourself!
* Thighs  - This is one thing i hate the most, and cant wait till they shrink!!!
* Fun! and all you need is a wall. - Belly, Butt and Thighs!

Well These are just a few. Check them out. Some of them I do while I'm watching t.v.

OH,  I must tell you before I go,   my grandma finished my T-shirt quilt....If you don't know what I'm referring to, see...    T-Shirt Quilt .   I will post pics on Friday!! Yay.  until tomorrow..

P.s. Sorry this was a short and boring post...I'm super tired. Ill make up for it tomorrow! Promise.

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  1. I agree, people who do crazy things to lose weight are kidding themselves. Nothing beats hard work!


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