Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Today I decided to measure myself.    Now  I wish I had measured myself at the beggining of this weight loss journey   (Lets just say I did,   But I cannot locate it....shhh) It would be neat to see the change.   However I still have 37lbs  to go,  So I will keep track of my measurements from this point on.  I usually just measure and right little side notes as to how to measure the same spot next time.....This usually goes a little something like this...
* In between the freckles
* Under that fat roll
* Right above belly button

And so forth.  So I was really happy when I found this chart to help you measure. Where should I Measure?

Ok, so.....its amazing the tricks your mind can play on you while your in front of a mirror in your bra and panties getting you measurement on!   All I see is rolls and fat and its frustrating losing almost 50 lbs and STILL being so big.  Why didnt I ever see it before?   Or maybe I choose to ignore it.   But I must say, this measuring experiment today really lit a fire under my booty.....I need to step it up.....even more.  So I will be posting my measurements maybe every 2 weeks or so.....yay.

Ok, before I move on.....^ So is it normal for my thigh to be half the size of my waist basically?!  thats one thing I'm having a hard time with....My waist will fit in size 14 now, and so will my thighs,  but its a little snug because of my thighs.  Sucks.

So once every now and then i want to do something I call   "Currently"

LISTENING- To Pandora Radio ( 90's pop radio....hellz yeah!  This was my childhood days haha  song is Quit playing games with my heart by the Backstreet Boys.....If you were an N'sync lover,  step off!! haha
EATING- Nothing because it is past 8pm.....::sniff sniff::
DRINKING- Purple Acai and blueberry Green tea!
WEARING- My workout clothes because I'm going for a quick jog after this.
FEELING- I'm feeling like I wish it was Friday already.......
WEATHER- Hot as Fire Balls.....its 8pm and it says Heat advisory and the temp is 102 !!
WANTING- Something sweet....Sigh.
NEEDING- A good nights rest....cant think the last time Ive gotten 8 hours of sleep! ugh!
THINKING- About this question. Tee hee hee
ENJOYING- Listening to music I loved when I was a kid. Brings back memories.  Although, It took forever to get this post done,   in between my singing along. haha

Well I hope Everyone Had a good Tuesday and until tomorrow!!!

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