Thursday, July 19, 2012

Top Ten Things....

Well let me start off with my photo of the week....
Me being normal                       Me Being Stupid
As promised, I have a list of  things that helped me get to this no certain order.

1.  Support--- ive let everyone in my life aware of my weight loss goal so that i we ill be on my best behavior.
2. Lose it!.com---This helped me log my calories and my exercise and really helped me hold myself accountable and aware and less likely to eat something i shouldn't
3. The Gym---of course. The machines, and classes, and pool....i just don't think i could exercise at home, me personally i don't have the will power.
4. Pictures---Looking at old pictures when i was thin motivates me and looking at pictures of my real big motivates me too!!
5.Vitamins---I take coconut oil, fish oil pills(i don't eat fish) vitamins and a multi vitamin called "Hair, skin, and nails"  since I've been taking these, i feel so good and healthy.
6. blog--- Omg having recipes that i crave but that i can actually eat has been a blessing and helped me not go totally crazy bananas.
7. Journal/Blog----The first half i wrote in a journal, now I'm blogging. Either way, it is also a good way to hold yourself accountable. good example: I was having bad cravings but what stopped me was the fact that i would have to come home and blog about how bad i did, its either that or lie. And I'm not a liar, so I decided to fight the urge and do good!! yay
8. My husband---His compliments and encouragement has been AH MA ZING
9. Food Lovers Diet---I don't do it, but my mom does and I took one piece of information from it and use it. I eat every 2 hours. so 5 to 6 small meals. each snack is 200 calories or less plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner of course. 
10.Biggest Loser---so believe or not, watching weight loss shows really keeps me motivated! Cant wait till biggest loser comes back on!

These are just a few. But all have really helped me through this, besides the point that I was finally ready. Well tomorrow is Friday and I must say I'm excited about that. Tomorrow I will do something kind of fun i think, I'm going to post a my bucket list......And honestly although most all of it i CAN do, i just didn't have the confidence and desire to,,,but now....move over list, your about to get checked!!!   until tomorrow.Pin It Now!

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