Monday, July 30, 2012

Pinterest Monday!!

Let me start off by saying Monday offically kicked my butt!!  That's ok, one day I will get mine!  Today I went on a "Craft" binge haha  Thanks to   Which is exactly what I did for hours.....Gawk.    haha   I made 3 things from there already.....wanna see?

1. This is a awesome/weird earring you make out of a straight pin and some beads.....Kinda funky.

2. I took a permanent marker to a coffe mug and VIOLA!  It says  "Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.  -Dr.Seuss"

3. Book Marks!!  The one with writting says " Reading gives you a place to go when you have to stay where you are"

4. This is the book mark in action. You use the corner of a envelope and some scrapbook paper. Ah-dorbs! 

I think I just made up a word.....Ah-dorbs......(adorable)  Kinda dorky.   Sorry you had to witness that.   moving on to..

                                      Pinterest Monday!

1.  This is a good Idear...making smoothie packs on sunday, so the week is that much easier! Heres How.....

2.  ummm.... So this is pretty much awesome. I Love peanut butter, But HATE the texture and how hard it is to add to stuff. Well Meet my friend,  powdered peanut butter.....Pick your jaw up off the floor!!! How easy would this be to sprinkle on cereal or shakes without having a mess!

Go here and you can type in your location to find stores near you that sell it..Want some?!

3. This bracelet apparantly syncs to your iphone or android. It keeps track of your movements, sleep pattern, calories burned, and even vibrates if you have been sitting still for too long! A perfect way to keep track of your healthy lifestyle!This is awesome...its called the Jawbone Up

4.  So truth be told....I dont really like yogurt too much  (mainly the texture)  So ive been trying to find ways to eat it....This is freeze them and they turn into cold melt in your mouth little dots.  Yum...

5. So this is so cute for anyone who has a little one....You tape a word on a canvas, let them paint all over it, then you  remove the tape when the canvas is covered.   I'm gonna do this with my nephew!

6. Umm..ok....This is genius!  Planter basket as a fruit holder. 

Well I believe that's enough fun for one day.....Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!!!Pin It Now!


  1. OMG I say ADORBS all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. haha....awesome!!! I thought i was the only one. :D we rock!


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