Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend Top Twelve....Early

Hello yall  (Don't forget,   Im from Texas)  haha....  So anyway,  I was wondering....Im going to ponder something,  maybe yall can help me understand.   Why in the world,  Do people post desserts and pizza and fattening foods and cakes and pancakes drenched in syrup on the "Fitness & Health" section of pinterest.  Now that is just cruel.   Haha.  Just so not cool.....  Im just saying,  I think maybe we could be a little more considerate of the fluffy girl at heart (Me) Who is sitting on the couch looking for healthy recipes and inspiration and not tempt her with what made her get this way and in turn  have to go through all this to lose it.    Whew......sorry you had to witness this venting.   Thank you for listening. haha

Well Today I had my back operation and im feelin cruddy.  As a matter of fact....ima keep this short from here on out, because this sitting up business is no bueno.  Since I will probably be a useless log this weekend, I wont have anythign fun or cool  to post on my weekend Top Twelve on sunday, So i mine as well do it now. Seeing as I had a lot of excitement today haha

1.My T-shirt quilt is finished!! Thanks mimi!!! And it was ready for me to cover with when I got back from my procedure.    Dont know what im talking about?   ===> What is this T shirt quilt!?
2. Me getting ready to go in. lol.  A facebook friend from highschool saw this pic and said "I didnt know you were pregnant? " hahaha  wow  Im trying to talk myself into the fact its becuse when the picture is little it looks like im holding something, but its the blankets. And not the fact that I look pregnant. :(
3. My Iv HURT  she stuck me twice,  but Got compliments on my nails.
4. My lunch lady look. As my neice said...."your sexy and you know it"  haha
5. My mom snapped this when i came back in recovery...I guess I was high on them drugs. lol
6. Um so Today was long and blah so i gave in and was treated :D  This is Almond Joy Pie...home made...taste just like the candy bar!!  Ah- ma- ZING
7. I had time to do my moms nails.  They turned out cute.
8. My mom and mimi in the kitchen cooking for me while I was sweet.
9. Along with pie, they made home made pizza. The left is a garlic basil sauce with sausage...tasted like lasagna on a piece of garlic toast....::drool::  and the other one is an alfredo sauce with shredded baked chicken!
10. Ok so this is hilarious. We waited 3 hours after arrival till i went to mom went to the bathrrom and "picked up" 3 pregnancy tests. haha She said when im ready I will have them! And she cliamed she took one for every hour we waited. hahaha. Also....Pressure much? :P
11. I love these socks I wore home from there....heehee hospital socks rock. Warm, and I wont
12. Well looks like my babies didnt miss me, they were to busy kissing. haha

Well I said short,   but this post is long....I dont know if I will weigh or not tomorrow seeing as today I had pizza and pie and wasnt able to excercise......I dont want to discourage myself. So ill weigh on sunday or monday maybe. I will keep you informed.  Ill use today as my SPLURGE day. And I have to heal all weekend so I dont think ill be able to go to the gym!! Ugh......Well Ill write a little somethign tomorrow....until then.

OH....IM obsessed with this darn quilt. I LOVE ima post a bigger picture here so you can observe. heehee
OMG, dont look at my makeup.....HOT MESS. haha

So soft and warm.

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  1. Thank you! Me too haha it turned out prettier than I imagined. :D All those shirts I used to hide behind! I can now cover up with....Boo ya! lol


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