Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinterest Monday....Top Six

I'm going to start something that will help my Mondays not be so BLAH! It is PINTEREST MONDAY..... Real original right? haha.   I love pinterest hunting.  And so every Monday I will post my top 6 pinterest finds. Today I will start........Ready.   Set.   Go.

1. These shirts and tanks are neat. The message only shows up when you sweat! Good motivation. ViewSport

                      2. Headbands out of old T-shirts! Great to make with those big shirts you outgrew and be able to wear them at the gym....Take that fat shirt! How to make

3. Homemade Cinnamon Apple Chips. Um, Yum.  Recipe

4. Brazilian Butt Elliptical Workout.....need I say more? 

5. This is my Next project. Will Post Tomorrow or Wednesday!

6. haha  This his hilarious. It is a censor towel.  lol.  Sorry, just thought this was brilliant and cute!   

Well Hope you all enjoyed my pins! I'm glad Monday is over and tomorrow I hope to post my polka dot fingernail project and my new weekly photo. Until tomorrow!!

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