Friday, July 20, 2012

Tiddles and Vittles

Did I ever tell you how much i Love Friday.   Well  I do. Today my husband brought me lunch....
Cobb Salad and FOODLES!!!   

 My bucket List Is still under construction....  sorry for the false hopes!  But I needed to add more to it. Trust me, itll be worth it.  lol  

So today pretty much sucked, but I'm glad its over and the weekend is beginning. Today I ate Cracker Barrell with my grandma.....

Grilled Chicken Strips
Green Beans
Side Salad w/ranch

Yummmm-o.   And then i had to clean like a mad women because my 9 year old niece is coming to stay with me this to follow! We are going to go eat, go see Katy perry movie and hang out. She has big plans for   Dress up, American doll, arts and crafts. yay!  Then my baby nephew also will be over. Its my Aunty week!

Pssst...guess what.....Tomorrow is WEIGH DAY. so until then!!!Pin It Now!

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