Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday came and went.....

Just Got done with my day two of c25k.....

Yeah Buddy....There's my awesome sweat picture. I ran at 10pm and it was 96 degrees. Takes Alot out of you.  But I'm glad I did it.

Today was ok i suppose.....At work we had "Zoes" catered....its kind of Mediterranean I stuck to some salad and one chicken kabob and a spoon full of rice.

It was actually really good! Someone also brought cinnamon rolls and taco cabana breakfast burritos for breakfast, but I stuck to my oatmeal and apple. Go me!  Did I mention they brought cookies with lunch?   I didnt?   Hmmm...   well they did,   and I did not get one.  I'm holding out for my splurge meal tomorrow.....Its on! I'm going to throw down!   

Well today was kind of boring to be honest haha Ill break it down
Gym (elliptical, bike, sauna)

And now I'm ready to introduce me head  to my pillow and sleep. I'm excited about tomorrows weigh in. Ill update you  if you don't remember.     two weeks ago I weighed and despite doing good and exercising,   I gained a pound. Then the next week i did good on my diet but did not exercise because of my back procedure,  so i was too afraid to weigh.  So this is my first weigh in since gaining that pound. So i was at 197 last time i looked....I'm hoping for 194 but i will be happy with 195.  Tune in tomorrow!   Also tomorrow im hanging out with my sister in law and the baby Michael...yay!! I will for sure post pictures of my little monster! :D

Good Night!

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  1. Youre doing so awesome! Gah I havent with between moving and getting sick for a week I havent been sticking to my diet or exercising.

    Where are you from?

    1. Yea, it is hard when you are moving and sick...but its ok...feel better and get settled and then you can get back on it! :-)

      Im from dallas texas. You?

  2. Keep it up! You are doing great! It is SOOO hard to resist foods when they're right there in your face. But you did. Congrats!

  3. It sure is hard! But worth it when you do! Thank you! :-)


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