Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Letters...

I'm linking up with Ashley for Friday letters...yay

Dear Saturday....I can't wait for you! Because with you, comes my splurge meal.  Dear man in car next to me at a stop light picking your nose and smelling it.....Your gross. Dear Husband...Thank you for rubbing back pain medicine on my back last night, your sweet and I love you. Dear Patient....Why must you get angry at me for not scheduling you, when your the one who gave a number that was disconnected, pay your bill. Dear Walmart...I wanted to make it official and let you know, I'm moving on....his name is ALDI...and everything is cheaper there. Dear size 16 were exciting at the time, but now, I must move on to 14...:D Dear mom & Mimi....thank y'all for dinner yesterday, y'all rock my socks off! Dear Nephew & Niece...I miss you both so much! Dear c25k.....You kicked my a$$ today with that 3 min running! Dear self...I'm proud of you and your beautiful! 

Well today I did Week 3 Day 1 of c25k....Lets just say, no matter how much weight i will lose, I will never be a runner, that running 3 minutes at a time really killed me! But I did it.   Well before I go here are some random things to show ya......

This shirt is so cute....heehee

So the 1st one is what my hair looks like normally, and the 2nd is after I straightened it..

Wish It was straight on its own! Such a hassle!

These are my new favorite snack! 100 Calories, they are yum.

Storming and so she followed me everywhere and she has to be touching you....

....Shes so scared of thunder/lightening....

Painted my nails finally....

               ....not to shabby

Well Tomorrow is weigh day!!! lets go 180's !!!   Well until tomorrow!Pin It Now!


  1. That shirt needs to be in my closet! So jealous :)

  2. Love your Friday letter. good luck girl! You are looking beautiful and congratulations on your weight loss! I am fighting my butt off to hopefully be in the 1's in at least two weeks. right now, I'm at 207. So close I can taste it... or not taste it :). Oh and Quakes cheddar cheese...TASTES ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE CHEETOS! *heaven*

    1. thank you soo much!! you are so close! yay! Thats wonderful....thanks for the heads up on the cheddar cheese! I love cheetos!!!

  3. Don't worry-you're not the only one who is NOT a runner! I keep telling myself maybe once I get in shape on the elliptical this winter... maybe.


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