Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Top Twelve & Weigh In

Well The weekend is over.   Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend.    Sorry I did not post my weigh in on Saturday, I was really busy and not were I could blog until after midnight so i thought I'd wait.

                    Well Here it is.....  193.8.

Holy Kanoli....I  was very happy with this weight.  Yay.  The is the first time in a while Ive actually been satisfied with my weigh in......I'm on a roll and not slowing down!!

                           WEEKEND TOP TWELVE

1. Me All dressed up and lookin cute. lol.   This shirt used to not fit but was to pretty to throw out,  so I kept it....
2. Baby Michael thought service was slow,  soo he ate his crayon instead.
3. My niece with her "Gold Grill" Sucker. haha
4. Me and Hubby went to walk/exercise at a near by park.  It was HOT.  we used to not work out together, because I was to big of a complainer or was mean when he tried to motivate me or push me :(  Just wasn't ready for it at the time.
5. Found this flavor Ive never seen...Pina Colada!  Hellz yeah
6. My precious baby. Noala. 12 year old Beagle.
7. I made Cabbage and potatoes.....yum.
8. I picked up my KAT VON D book again...need to finish it. I love her!!  And my husband got it signed for me  by her at a book sighing. awesome birthday gift that year!
9. Us at walmart grocerie shopping...its strange but its one of the things we like to do together. haha
10. Me being weird....My nephews toy....brought a character out of me. hahah NERD
11. FellowShip church on Sunday. yay! I love going to church.
12. Proof!!!!   WOOOO

Well on to another week.  Tomorrow is pinterest monday! yay! Before I go here is my Noala twirling like a ballerina for her treats.   P.s.  if your wondering, she did get her treat !

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