Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fast Food.....Your rude!!

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!! Its Sooo Hot outside here in good ol' Dallas Texas. I just got through my Day 1 Week 1 of "Couch to 5k"  or also known as c25k....     Maybe I'm a bit of an over achiever or maybe its excitement,  but i literally heard about this like 2 hours ago on Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp page on facebook.  And I already did the first lesson.     I was just super pumped,   so i thought,  why not go run in 102 degree weather. lol.   I really am excited though. I needed something new to get me pumped,  I've been feeling kind of burnt out lately....

After words I enjoyed a whey protein shake!
Don't Look at my face,   no makeup.  ugh!

I honestly did not follow a recipe I just added a cup of frozen strawberries,  a cup of milk, a cup of strawberry yogurt and one scoop of chocolate whey protein. And Ta Da......

Moving on..... so I drove by what a burger....or if you live in Texas it might be called Water Burger. haha  And my mouth was drooling for some fast food. I've been having cravings real bad! It doesn't help that on the way to my house from the gym is fast food row! on both sides.  But I did something today that has really helped me and open my eyes. I challenge you to do it. Take at least 4 of your favorite places to eat and write down what you used to get from add up the calories, sodium, and fat.  You will be amazed ! Its very off putting.....which is  good!! I honestly have no desire for it after this....Here is mine!  Warning...this is gross.

What-A-Burger- Chicken Strip Dinner, Medium fry, Texas toast w/gravy and 2 what a burger juniors with a soda..... 1900 Calories    3200 Sodium   84 g Fat

Arbys- Beef and cheddar combo with large curly fry, 4 mozzarella sticks w/marinara, chocolate turnover and soda......2390 Calories     5240 Sodium    105g Fat

McDonald's Breakfast - Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit, Sausage biscuit, 2 hash browns, and a latte  1230 Calories    2925 Sodium   72g Fat

Jack in The Box- 6 tacos Chicken Strip meal w/fries and bacon cheddar potato wedges   2637  Calories  3839  Sodium   141 g Fat

So is that not awful???  And to read yalls mind,  yes....249lbs Jessica could eat these meals in one setting.  I just ate my problems away....It made me happy.....filled a hole......

Man,   some of these meals are like 2 days of my calories now. And imagine...that was just one meal that day. Some days I had fast food all 3 meals  (rare but its happened)  and the other days  I wouldn't eat healthy in between.  No wonder I gained so much weight so fast.   Well at least I realized before it was too late!  And from this experiment i learned....  Fast Food = The Devil  !!!!

If you dare to share.....Id love to know I'm not alone in this. haha :PPin It Now!


  1. You are not alone! And congratulations on starting the c25k program. Stick with it! You can do it! Fast food is a problem for me too, but because I work so much on the road sometimes. I've tried to better with it, so now if I'm working out of town and am forced to eat out, I try a salad. Most fast food joints have them. But it's easier for me to avoid them like the plaque. Good luck! Stay motivated!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! haha And here lately Ive been avoiding them too. lol. Thank you again!


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