Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend top twelve & 8-18-12 weigh in

Today I made an awesome discovery....Kinda silly....But It tickled me PINK..At the grocery store I rode on the basket (with nothing in it!!!) And it didn't even topple over!  Normally even with a bit of stuff in the basket, it would raise up.  Lol.... Eric (my hubby) was pushing me while I was standing on it.  Such Kids....You would've had no Idea we are 25!! lol
Like this ^   (this isn't me lol)

Next Bit of business....Weigh in Yesterday.......189.6
Holy Canoli....180's...barely, but still. It counts!! 

Weekend Top Twelve

1. Me after the gym on Sunday....
2. The baby! Getting sleepy!
3. Bought the wrong baggies for my lunch, they are tiny! haha oh well
4. Noala is using felix's scratch pad as a pillow....silly girl
5. 189.6.....need I say more?!
6. Kind of a dark picture, but it is Felix watching Church! We didn't make it to church so we watched it live via stream!
7.Crazy Love, Im ready to start this back up and finish it...
8. My Guitar pick necklace I made,  it says "Pick Jesus" on it.
9. Me in my new pink sports bra and Marilyn Monroe workout shirt!
10. Need to get to work on my crochet afghan again....sigh. So many projects, so little time.
11. Craving sweets so instead I had a banana with 2 tbs of Cool whip. :D yum
12. Me and my besty & Sister in Law had this Saturday....Cake flavored vodka...yum. Strong though!

Well Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I did! Me and Alex (sister in law) went to eat, and came home and watched  Crazy, Stupid Love and The Vow and had some drinks and snacks. Then Today I hung out with hubby..went to the gym, the groceries and made dinner and watch our shows!

Well, Until tomorrow!!     Love <3 Love<3Pin It Now!

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