Monday, August 27, 2012

Pinterest Monday.....

Monday is here and it is time to get back on track. I got a little off track this last week. With the Happy hour  on Tuesday and the back procedure on Friday and then I ran out of 2 of my vitamins and for some reason didn’t drink my green tea!! It’s a wonder I didn’t gain more than just one pound…

Yes, you heard right.  No need to rewind.  I gained a pound, but that’s okay. Bad weeks come with the territory. I’m human...  Kind of sucks don’t get me wrong. But I’m still going to make my goal by Christmas and I’m still chugging along this long hard road. Lol. I’m going to sweep this week under the rug and start over again. Fresh.  New vitamins, back on my green tea. And back to the gym.

Ive been feeling so ready for the holidays, yous just have no idea. I cant wait. I LOVE LOVE LOVE October-December……here is why
              my husbands birthday 
              Our anniversary of our first date/ when we made it official (October 25th was our first date to the Texas  state fair, that night we decided to go out. haha
              Halloween of course! Taking my nephew trick or treating maybe.  yay
              October is the month of scary movies and I'm a sucker for scary movies.
              Pumpkin Carving. Yes, I still do and the hubby. We pick them at the patch and carve them and have a contest of who's is better. Maybe this year you all can help us decide!

                ♥  Thanksgiving....who doesn't love thanksgiving?
               Pumpkin Pie!!!  

               Me and Eric's marriage anniversary...Dec. 29th. This year will be our 6th year of marriage....or 7th....hmmm
    So in preparation of the holidays, my  will be all holiday themed.  Pinterest Monday

1.  I'm So doing this!
2.  What is better then pumpkin pie?

Teeny Tiny pumpkin pie bites.  yum.

Make em!

 3.  Cute gift Idea....

Here's How
4.  I have a black table, so this will be gorgeous as a center piece.  yay.

Elmer's Glue on wax paper + glitter. Once dried, peel off for nifty spiderwebs!

5. I'm going to also attempt this.  you attach things you are thankful for to the twigs.....a good reminder as well as pretty decoration.

6.  This is for fun......hee hee

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!

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  1. 1 lb is nothing to worry about, disappointing I know, but you'll get over it :)
    I really like your list of exciting things coming's made me realise how close Christmas is!!

    Hope your back is on the mend! :)

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I'm already over it. hee hee kicking butt for Saturdays weigh in. Cross your fingers!

      My back is still kinda on the fritz but I have one last procedure then I'm going to have to call it wraps.

      Have a good one!

  2. I love Autumn into Christmas too! See all of those fall-things made me so excited for the leaves to turn.

    And don't worry about the itty-bitty-teeny-tiny-miniscule weight gain. Water weight anyone? One pound is nothing. It sounds like you are already on the right track, ready to start fresh! Get it girl!

    1. Thanks! Yup, prolly was muscle or water, or maybe my hair was wet :P

      Its all good, back on track and its behind me.



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